Glorious Diablo 2 High-Res Textures Fan Project; Diablo 2 Doom Mod; KOTOR sequel coming, & more...

Wolcen release date nears; Diablo Doom crossover “Doomiablo;” Diablo 2 remaster fan-made high-res sample; Diablo 2 Median XL mod update; Google Stadia and its uncertain future; Valve confirms Left 4 Dead 4 not in the works; Half-Life Alyx AMA; UK vs Loot Boxes; Knights of the Old Republic Remake / KOTOR sequel rumor; Path of Exile patch releases; Last Epoch beta update.

Time stamps:
Left 4 Dead 3: 00:42
Google Stadia: 01:19
Half-Life Alyx: 05:02
Loot boxes: 05:49
Knights of the Old Republic: 07:10
Path of Exile: 07:57
Last Epoch: 08:11
Wolcen: 08:53
Diablo: 10:26

Left 4 Dead 3:
Google Stadia:
Half-Life Alyx:
Loot Boxes:
Knights of the Old Republic:
Path of Exile patch notes:
Last Epoch patch notes:
Wolcen dev blog:
Diablo 2 high-rez project:
New Median XL patch:


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Executive producers: Jim Udune, spudboy999, Paradigm400, Kiskaloo, MohEternal, Monito

Special thanks: Matthew Feiteira, moniker, russiandood, Joshua Dotson, maianashira, Maurice Lepenat, Joshua Ralph, Brian Grygla, Recramorcen, Remiehneppo, Neme5i5, TepidTurtle, Lamer of Sweden, SmokinWookie, Telionis, MONGAS INC., Terry Lee, Zaeith, Zeldraga, Valentine Judnich, Tony Duran

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28 thoughts on “Glorious Diablo 2 High-Res Textures Fan Project; Diablo 2 Doom Mod; KOTOR sequel coming, & more…

  1. Median XL or MXL is a very well designed total conversion mod, it is MUST try atlewst once, its end-game is very well done, yet, is still worth atleast a baseline playthrough.

  2. Buying the games on stadia will be expensive in the end, due to the high prices on the games. It's so obvious. Also, the platform itself is inferior to a regular gaming console, and yea might be history not to far into the future

  3. I think loot boxes can work, as in game earnable bonuses. Vermintide 2 essentially uses loot boxes awarded for completing a level. They should also have a set way of targeting things you actually want as the RnG can be extremely punishing, but they have no way whatsoever to purchase a loot box outside of earning it via level completion or challenge completion.

    A "Surprise Mechanic" can be quite fun when it costs no money and you earned it whilst playing normally 🙂

  4. Don't feel bad that d3 didn't have the proposed idol/charm system, it would have literally been the same as the current legendary gem system. In witch the same 3-5 gems/idols/charms are BiS required for end game grifting. Blizz put them on necks/rings instead of its own slots.

  5. Doomguy and the Barbarian glare intently at one another for several seconds, then their hands come together in a high five so powerful it kicks up dust

  6. I'd give my left nut for an actual Doom ARPG. That would be f'n amazing. That said, I'm looking forward to trying out this mod.

  7. Please make a proper d2 mod using that upscaling technique. I would rather give the modder my money instead of paying blizz for another shite remaster.

  8. Median Xl is the best D2 mod imo. sad it doesnt get nearly as much praise as it does. glad he plugged it

  9. "Wolcen servers will be down January 29th" well that's not much of a change since I haven't been able to log in since launch. Been offline only.

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