Hearthstone - Anyfin Can Happen!

The complete mrglgll experience.


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40 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Anyfin Can Happen!

  1. hahahahahahahahahahahaha last time I laughed this much was when my ex told me my penis is big XD

  2. Bob I can't ever remember seeing you laugh like that XD That alone has justified the cards existense for me.

  3. bob! you realy should try to upload more video :/
    you steam every day, im sure you could put more than 1 video a year ^^

  4. Doesn't show he actually got Anyfin from Mind Games, and the Crusher from a Mind Control. Makes it all the more ridiculous. So glad I got to witness it live. In 70 years I'll tell my grandkids 'I was there'.

  5. How the hell does this happened in arena? So many murlocs, 2 of them are legendary. +pally class card in hand with only 1 mind vision in deck. WTF??
    P.S. Anyfin can happen, I guess… o.o

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