(Hearthstone Battlegrounds) Rafaam and Pagle: BFFs

(Hearthstone Battlegrounds) Arch-Villain Rafaam ○ Buy all-new Shiro merch! http://www.intotheam.com/bmkibler ○ Subscribe for more videos: …


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21 thoughts on “(Hearthstone Battlegrounds) Rafaam and Pagle: BFFs

  1. A horror movie about Kibler desperately trying to make Alexa stop talking and interrupting the stream. I'd watch it

  2. Omg watched this live this was absolute madness/best thing ever. Love that this was your highlight video already!

  3. I think I'm actually starting to like battlegrounds more than just ranked. Granted I suck at both…

  4. He really needed to ditch the sneeds. It was just too weak and flooding his board

  5. Battlemaster you suck, I'm too high on life! (Kibler says this and doesn't doubt his career decision)

  6. That moment when the tripple Baron is just a distraction, so the Zapp doesn't hit the Kadgar

  7. What happens if your opponent attacks first with Nat Pagle, overkills without dying, and then you snipe the treasure chest summoned, having used your hero power as Rafaam? Do you get a playable 0/2 chest?

  8. Everyone seems to overvalue Sneeds for some reason, but he's such a trash unit. Kibler could've had a chance if he ditched sneeds and foe reaper, looked for a ghoul or something.

  9. I think sneeds was bad, still i don't see what could help when opponent have such composition. He can just grow up in stats like 36/36 per turn. Goldgrubber grows slower and can't withstand them alone

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