Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain - Heroic Emperor Thaurassian with a Basic Priest Deck

In this video we take on Emperor Thaurassian, the third and final boss of the first wing in Blackrock Mountain, made completely out of cards you start with! (and one small addition)

The deck list can be found here: http://imgur.com/1LGELX7

Cards to Add: Before I start with cards to add, I just want to say if there’s one card I would drop, it’s Mind Control. I found it to be fairly lackluster because you are either relatively in control of the game anyway, or die before turn 10. But yeah, there are a few cards that would be great to add in this fight — Lightwell is one of the big ones. Its heal will literally offset Moira’s damage early on, and it combos very well with cards like Divine Spirit, Power Word: Shield and Inner Fire. And speaking of Inner Fire, that’s another one that would be decent to bring along. Also, if you are looking to go that route, a Stoneskin Gargoyle will probably be nice too (since if you buff it a few times and then Inner Fire it, you have a self healing monster that the boss has literally no way of dealing with other than just trying to kill you).

Also, silence silence silence! Bringing along something to silence the Aboms definitely wouldn’t hurt, since it means that if for some reason you haven’t been able to increase Moira’s HP (or just dont want her/your minios to take the Aboms Deathrattle) you can just silence it off him. Harrison Jones would be another good one, since the boss has 4 weapons so you could destroy them, get a 5/4 on the board and draw a card. He does however always attack immediately so you would only ever get that single card out of it, but hey, nothing wrong with destroying another one of his weapons!

The reddit post can be found here: http://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/31a5s4/im_the_guy_who_did_the_free_to_playbasic_heroic/


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20 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain — Heroic Emperor Thaurassian with a Basic Priest Deck

  1. I used inner fire instead of crazed alchemist, does similar thing.

  2. You say there is no free silence, except Silence the priest card that you were looking at at the beginning of the video. I would change the default list if I were you to make it easier for new players.
    Great video, love what you do for the hearthstone community! <3

  3. Anyone realize that Nefarian says something different when you kill the wife AND the boss?

  4. My Heroic Thaurissan I handled with a mostly FTP paladin deck. I used fast minions with charge, and put in humilty and the "Follow the rules" guy. Owls for silence to handle the unstable ghoul/abominations, healing with the spell and 5/6 guy, and just hoping he didn't play a death's bite.

  5. Well done. I did it without Crazed Alchemist. OMG it was hard. I went into turn 3 of fatigue as well. Killed him with his own bride (obtained with Silvanas)!!! She was my last minion, lol.

  6. Was not sucessfull with priest (have no  Crazed Alchemist)
    Used Aggro Paladin with Humility (one Attack for her),  Hand of Protection (for her), Clockwork gnome ( maybe some spare parts for her)
    one owl
    alot of luck
    and a well timed Kel'Tuzad

  7. I will say that ZooLock destroy's this guy. You do have to put in alchemist though or else your voidwalker just sit in your hand collecting dust

  8. I swapped crazed alchemist for "Inner Fire". Works better because then I can also use it as a buff for gurubashi berserker.

  9. thank you! i completed him the 1st time by buffing a berserker to a 17/14 then before i killed thaurisan i killed moira with a stormpike commando becaus of all the trouble i had to keep her alive during the game! thanks

  10. Tommy J, I love your vids of the advantures. You seem like a decent guy, in contrary to many of the fulltime hot shot hearthstone vloggers I know. My question to you is: Why aren't you vlogging more Hearthstone games that you probably are playing? Like Arena, ladder, decks that you thought up, crazy moments etc. I'm sure you would have many followers. So, why aren't we seeing you more on Youtube/Twitch streaming Hearthstone?

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