Hearthstone comparing Kel'Thuzad (boss) vs Kel'Thuzad (hero) Interaction

is this video i compare Kel’Thuzad (boss) vs Kel’Thuzad (hero)
Introduction, Emote, Idle, events, Defeat/victory, secrets and cards interactions this videos took a lot of effort so do not forget to show your support by subscribing

Before match


This next fight will not be easy. I hear the boss is ALL POWERFUL… and very handsome.



We finally meet
. Anduin —
«The Light shall bring victory!»

How naive! Don’t you remember what happened to Uther?

Garrosh — «Victory or Death!»

Really? Death it is, then. Is this a trick question? Looks like death for you!

Gul’dan — «Your soul shall be mine!»

Well, someone’s soul shall be someone’s.

Jaina — «You asked for it!» I most certainly did NOT. You barged into MY floating necropolis!

 Malfurion — «I must protect the wild!» The wild? Then what are you doing in Naxxramas?

Rexxar — «Let the hunt begin!» Be my guest.

Thrall — «For Doomhammer!» You’re fighting for a hammer? Ok then. Uther — «I will fight with honor!» …and I will fight with huge minions and devastating spells. Good luck!

Valeera — «Watch your back.» Ok. I. Will.

Emote Response

Hello Do you often greet people who are trying to kill you?

Oops Indeed.

 Sorry It’s ok, interloper, we all make mistakes.

Thanks You’re… welcome?

Threaten Oh, I’m so scared!

Well Played Of course I played well. I’m Kel’Thu-freaking-zad!

Wow I am seething with anger. SEETHING.Hero Power


I will freeze the blood in your veins!

Your soul is bound to me now.

There will be no escape.Idle


My patience is limited.
Slaying Mr. Bigglesworth

Kel’Thuzad No!!! A curse upon you, interloper!
Phase 2 Kel’Thuzad

Fool! You have spread your power too thin!

No! Your turn is over. *MY* turn now. (if you bring down his armor)
Summoning Guardians of Icecrown

Kel’Thuzad Be free, my minions!Death

Kel’Thuzad This is not the end!!! There is still heroic mode! (Normal) NooooOooOOOooo!!! (Heroic)

Defeat Kel’Thuzad

Victory for Kel’Thuzad! Did you hear that Bigglesworth?!

Give me a K! Give me a T! What’s that spell?

I just completed a quest to destroy an interloper! 40 gold, yes!

Victory tastes so sweet… Like a milkshake. No, maybe more like a bar of chocolate.

My power is overwhelming! And yet, I did not die horribly at the end of the turn.


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  1. Another amazing video..
    There is noone better doing this on Youtube!
    Been watching for a while and you still well deserve my sub. ^.^

  2. A bit underwhelming there's nothing special to Kel'Thuzad facing himself, but oh well

  3. I'm sure Riot would do a better job than that, same goes for Lich King. HS has been lazy when it comes to interactions. Not impressed!

  4. Thanks for your hard work making this this must have taken forever you don’t understand how appreciative I am Good job 👏

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