Hearthstone CroKnows: Deck Archetypes and Deck Tuning

Welcome to the second episode in the CroKnows deckbuilding series. In this episode StrifeCro covers the standard deck archetypes and how to best tune each style for constructed play.

00:34 Aggro Archetype
03:18 Midrange Archetype
07:19 Control Archetype

Hearthstone CroKnows: Deck Building 101: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GxT4u4ikKg

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Video Edited By: Fran “FrancyCakes” Kang
Graphics By: Pablo “Dusturn” Lorenzana


33 thoughts on “Hearthstone CroKnows: Deck Archetypes and Deck Tuning

  1. Nice video! I've played the game for a while and felt kind of confident about my knowledge in a lot of cases, glad to know there is more depth!

  2. Absolutely love this. I really hope you can increase the frequency of these videos in the future.


  3. cards i will never craft deathwing leeroy and arcane golem control for life son

  4. "Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinsssssssssssssssssssssss".

    Best phrase ever

  5. StrifeCro, I'd love to see your take someday on the holy champion/paletress inspire deck. It has so much potential, but I've only seen it in one or two variants of entomb priest recently, and typically without light of naruu.

  6. Good stuff! I hope you can put out these kind of educational videos more frequently 🙂

  7. so Strifecro, what about Combo decks! what r they? Midrange? like double Combo Druid?

    Do we count Combo as another archetype?

  8. Could you link to part 1 in the show notes? Looking at your video names I don't see part 1 in the recent ones. Thanks <3

  9. Missed the first video as well. I am going to see it right now.
    Let me tell you this is a GREAT informative video. It explains a LOT about the deck archetypes and their play styles.

    I actually have a friend, a girl, who plays a midrange mage in a reactive control way and i believe this video will finally make her understand she need to be more proactive with the deck, or to tune the deck a little bit for a more control-ish approach. Thank you +StrifeCro

  10. Please don't forget to leave suggestions for future CroKnows videos. We'll take into consideration all suggestions. 😀

  11. Strifecro + behind the scenes crew are doing the best, most thoughtful and well designed hearthstone videos available right now. I'd like to see a video discussing some general rules of thumb for really random effects, rough probabilities for joust, where should I put my shredder, how often will I get X from ethereal conjurer. That kind of thing.

  12. Hey StrifeCro , i just got prophet velen and i want to build a Mind Blast Priest deck , but i don't have Alex ;( How could i replace it?

  13. I really like these new CroKnows videos and certainly hope you'll be making more!

    What would interest me as still a beginner in hearthstone and someone who has never played strategic card games like Magic, is how to make decisions in deck building, when aiming to build a certain deck but can't afford all of it quite yet?

    As an example: say I'd like to build the new control priest that uses entomb but I don't have Justicar Truehart, and I'm missing one cabal shadowpriest. How should I decide on what to replace those cards with when their functions are so spesific?

    Another example is the mid-range dragon priest that uses 2 Twilight Guardians, 2 cabals and, 1-2 lightbombs + Ysera and sometimes Chillmaw. What is the point when this deck begins to be viable (obviously Ysera is very key), and are Sludge Belchers automatically better replacement for Twilight Guardians than Sen'jin Shieldmaster, although they cost 1 more mana?

    Thanks again for all the great videos!

  14. Actually, aggro decks in TCGs are a lot harder to play correctly than most people give it credit for.

    There are so many crucial decisions like "when to face/when to trade" or "when to overextend/when not to", that can easily change a win into a loss and vice versa.
    People probably might think, aggro is easy to play because the strategy seems so simple and the game plan seems so linear, but it is really not the case.

    Control on the other hand, while not being outright EASY to play (there are tons of things you can do wrong as a control player such as using your resources inefficiently), is often easier to understand. Most of the time your only goal is to survive until you can drop your lategame bombs.

    People dislike aggro decks because they like to play their TCG and aggro does not allow that because aggro kills you before you get the chance to play with your sweet, fun cards. We all were in that same boat before, just as you hoped, your next turn will stabilize your situation and you will take over the game, your face is melted off your cranium. It's unfun and that is understandable, but aggro is more than just "stupid facebashing".

  15. thanks strife really helped me a lot so far with these deckbuilding videos

  16. Your next deckbuilding guide could be about how to adapt to a set rotation. Like, shall we try to find cards that replace old ones or what? Im interested

  17. Hey StrifeCro ! This video is soooooo cool I love the concept ! Please do more ! 😀

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