Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas - Heroic Grobbulus with a Basic Priest Deck

In this video we take on Heroic Grobbulus, the second boss of the Construct Quarter, but using a Priest deck made completely of cards you start with!

It is very possible to improve this deck simply by adding your own cards or those that can be unlocked by completing any part of Curse of Naxxramas on normal. For example, Inner Fire and Lightwell are two Priest cards that would be amazing in this fight, and if you have either of these I would highly recommend adding them. Thoughtsteal is also pretty good, since you have more of a chance to steal Mutating Injection.

There are also a fair few Naxxramas cards that would be great too, such as the Nerubian Egg (which will give Grobb a 2/2, but you will get a 4/4 so could be worth it) or the Stoneskin Gargoyle (which would be great to buff as it heals every turn so you never need to worry about it dying if you can get say a Divine Spirit or Power Word Shield with an Inner Fire). Also, Defender of Argus may be decent for this fight.

The deck I used is available here: http://i.imgur.com/lujaksX.png


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21 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas — Heroic Grobbulus with a Basic Priest Deck

  1. Amazing ! thank's i won a the realy first time i tried globbulus , in 4 or 5 turn only ! and i haved the same heart attack as you !!
    i will follow your post now !
    salutations from France 🙂

  2. worked like a charm. thank you so much.

    also swapped the croc for the egg because value.

    i would say mulligan that early cleric is a must, also drawing into berserker, everything else should go very smoothly like it did for u. got him at the third try.

  3. Damn, I had to play a number of time to beat him, but lose, lose and lose! Than I won, just because he decked out himself. So basicly, you just have to be lucky.

  4. Thank you very much!!!! it helped me very much i was trying too many times with the other decks i tried.

    Holy Smite X2
    Inner Fire X2
    Power Word: Shield X2
    Northshire Cleric X2
    Divine Spirit X2
    Shadow Word: Pain X2
    Lightwell X2
    Sunfury Protector X1
    Shadow Word: Death X2
    Stoneskin Gargoyle X2
    Mogu'shan Warden X2
    Holy Nova X2
    Darkscale Healer X2
    Gurubashi Berserker X2
    Sludge Belcher X2
    Lightbomb X1

    You can add a 2nd Lightbomb instead of the Sunfury Protector or Vice Versa if you don't have Lightbomb.  Either way key is getting board clear and dropping your Berserker and Buffing him up!!

  6. I used a stoneskin gargoyle beef his health and I didn't have to but inner fire will make it quicker. He even had 2 slime with 10 dmg and taunt but with my gargoyles 32 health it was no biggie. Just kept healing my self oh yeah sry I got lucky and mind visioned his 4/4 with taunt so that made it easy with gargoyle.

  7. FUCKING CHEATED OUT A WIN i didnt know they can have like 10 of the same card -______-

  8. im really stuck at him…. my best play was to lave him with one life but it was just once and he used the fucking tripple

  9. Awesome! I made it on the second try! I had a Berserker out and got Mutating Injection from Mind Vision which I used on the Berserker. Then I doubled his health with Divine Spirit. Two rounds later I had another Divine spirit. With the taunt from Injection and his super high health his Attack rose indefinitely because he kept attacking it with all his minions which also cleared the board for me. In the end I had 46 attack on the Berserker and almost one-shot him (He lost some hp before..). 😀

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