[Hearthstone] Deck of Wonders Madness

Hearthstone KnC | A highlight of the rare case of putting fun over outcome
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43 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] Deck of Wonders Madness

  1. Spoiler: he loses because yes, because is kripp, because is a ratkid in a 30 years old body

  2. That’s a dick move on the opponents part. He knew damn well he lost but too the win in the end anyways. So dishonorable.

  3. Yesterday, my fellow opponent played this card… Next five cards the drew were the wanders. And Kripp is complaing about his luck… LOL!

  4. When my opponent plays Deck of Wonders, it removes all of my guys and spawns 8+ drops for him. When I play Deck of Wonders, they either do absolutely nothing, or buffs my opponents minions. FML.

  5. my marin the fox chest was a fill your hand with the next card you draw…and I got 5x extra deck of wonders to play

  6. My first wild arena deck had four deck of wonders and one deathwing. Most fun I've ever had playing arena

  7. Your opponent was dishonourable. Should've conceded because you gave him a chance.

  8. He was testing a deck to see if ever time a deck of wonder card was drawn It would buff mana wyrm?

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