Hearthstone - Imp Token Druid Legend Deck!

«Pay attention, class!» for we’re summoning tokens. Now with extra imps. A guide for a Token Druid deck that additionally includes Imp Masters and can make it all the way to the Legend rankings.
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Legend Murloc Warlock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyxPo_PPYMI
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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment


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43 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Imp Token Druid Legend Deck!

  1. hoi Haas,
    Nice to see you made it to such a high rank in legend, congratz! I do have a quick question about the decklist though.

    Don't you feel Imp Master is a bit too slow at either generating tokens, or as affecting the board state? I generally hear that's the case with that card in token druid. For Defender of Argus, the same goes, it's a bit unreliable if your opponent removes your tokens. And one final thing: have you tried running a Blood Knight in this deck? getting a turn 2 or turn 1 6/6 is really good (image Argent Squire, Coin, and Blood Knight, or with one added innervate for the turn 1 6/6)
    EDIT: nevermind, i didn't get to the last part in the video talking about the argent commander slot yet, explaining you used Blood Knight before. What would you think about putting Leeroy in that slot?

    This deck does seem quite a bit different from my token deck, since i run more draw and harvest golems instead of imp master (sticky minions over the slow-ish tokens) i'll give your deck a try and see how it holds up!

  2. @Thijs Jansen — Can't seem to reply directly to your comment (believe you may have it turned off in settings somewhere — Woo, Google+). But to answer your good questions; the Blood Knight option I go over in the end of the video. Leeroy is something I can definitely see working, it gives you another victory condition but does add more potentially dead cards to your deck. In general I find the Force of Nature + Savage Roar combo enough. It's definitely a possibility though. As for the Imp Master vs Harvest Golem deal; I'd say this deck is definitely a little trickier to use correctly as Harvest Golems are 'safer', but they also have less potential. Imp Master has the potential of doing fantastic amounts of damage, whereas Harvest Golem is just a really solid 3 drop and is used much more commonly. I find however that Harvest Golems do often trade less well than an Imp Master. If your enemy spends a lot of board clear on the Imp Master it's generally a good thing for you as Violet Teacher + Tokens are more likely to be your main source of damage anyway. Harvest Golems often don't require your enemy to use AoE clears and furthermore are much less likely to do a significant amount of damage. In the end I think this variation is trickier, but can be a lot more rewarding and aggressive (which is one of the reasons I have yet to lose to another, more traditional Token Druid with this, for instance). Harvest Golems are pretty much never wrong though! 

  3. I'd tested Rag for this deck and made it perfect for board balance and after round 8 I'd summon the treants + savage roar 
    then basically its GG or atlas Lethal,
    Whats your opinion Haas?

  4. great video all round. appreciate the fact that you explain the rationale behine each card pick in your deck and each card played whilst in a game.
    I have been struggling playing my control druid for a long time, so I will give this deck a decent try cause it looks valid. Keep up the good work

  5. Is that hunter deck he played against still viable for legend climb? (be forgiving for I'm new to Hearthstone)

  6. Big thanks to the folk who inspire others to start their own YouTube channels,

    If anyone has a Minute I have lets plays for various games Including Football 
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    Any support is welcome and user interaction is encouraged. Looking to build a good involved audience and I need the support of fellow gamers.

    Thanks for your time.

  7. token druid is probably the strongest deck in the meta. almost guaranteed a win against your opponent if you get a semi-decent mana curve and play aptly.

  8. another amazing card in this deck is Hogger, its amazing, you get a 4/4 and a 2/2 w/taunt after playing him and every end turn. cannot be happier with hogger

  9. I used to think that getting to high ranks or legendary was all about cards, but then I saw having almost same cards I have in my decks I realized there's alot of skill behind hearthstone :-l

  10. How do you feel about any of the Naxx cards going into this, perhaps the Haunted creeper?

  11. @ 18:55, why didn't he have lethal? 2 Wraths + claw + hero power = 9 and the opponent only has 7. Am I missing something here?

  12. hi haas i like druid and this deck , im missing x2 ancient lore only so my qestion is this worth to disenchant golden ysera for that? 

  13. even months later this deck works great.
    i mean i am not in a legend rank but it works good.
    I dont want the best deck ever but just something to have fun with.
    oh and i have all of the cards except thalnos; suggestions on what to put in instead?

  14. I'm playing ONLY murloc decks and reached R10 with my Murloc Hunter this season… If you like murlocs feel free to check out my channel and try out some of my cheap murloc decks for every hero!

  15. You should've played druid of the claw in charge mode and traded with the 7-2. You still set up lethal for next turn, provided there is no taunt or heal (the way you played, making it a taunt, this was the same win condition).

  16. I just started playing a week ago and my first really powerful deck is the Druid token. I would really like to be friends for more info. I use living roots and they have seriously helped me too.

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