(Hearthstone) Murozond and the Accidental BM

(Descent of Dragons Standard) Singleton Priest VS Rogue
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Music: Piano Concerto no. 1 in E minor, Op. 11 — III. Rondo – Vivace (String Quintet arr.) by Chopin, performed by Zuzana Šimurdová


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47 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Murozond and the Accidental BM

  1. The real accidental BM was how much he mentioned liking his video by saying he didn't like to do it xD

  2. All the popular youtube channels tell you to smash that like button and subscribe. They make too much money to be ashamed to record a 5 second audio track.

  3. I watch your videos every day so of course you can have my like and comment !

  4. 🐛In the dungeon I go deeper🐛in set reviews I was a sleeper🐛when minions die I get cheaper🐛You guessed it right🐛I'm corridor creeper🐛

    (copypasta counts as a comment for algorithm, right?)

  5. Kibler, I thank you so much for not having these nonsense asking for likes etc.

    I don't currently play HS due to lack of time, but I update myself with their videos every day. They are a moment of leisure that I enjoy immensely. Keep up the great work!

  6. Great opinion on the whole algorithm thingy, got me to like and comment so i guess it brought the message across anyways

  7. Dangit kibb, i used to ask people nicely to subs ans comment on my channel. Let my channel grow peacefully man. XD

  8. My friend got me used to the habit of liking every video I watch, and that started little over 4 years ago. I never comment though, so here it is!

  9. meanwhile, I get videos recommended to me that I have to idea how they end up in that selection….

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