Hearthstone | New Hero THE LICH KING

A new King takes the Hearthstone Throne!
The Lich King | Arthas Menethil!

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This is of course fake and fan made by me!
All rights owned by Blizzard Entertainment!


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39 thoughts on “Hearthstone | New Hero THE LICH KING

  1. I'm actually playing WoW and i always love this dialogue when we are doing Halls of reflection :3

  2. nice voice i need arthas for hearsthone i am serious blizard announced arthas comming sooun thx versart 😉

  3. Trump be like "People are hyped about this card, but I've analysed the meta and it doesn't fit any deck. 1 star."

  4. Little did we know this is what the real lich king would do to us in game just a few years later….

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