Hearthstone: Paladin Murloc Deck | WoWcrendor

Trying out a Paladin Murloc deck and ranting about videos, so nothing out of the ordinary.

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Hearthstone: Paladin Murloc Deck | WoWcrendor



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43 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Paladin Murloc Deck | WoWcrendor

  1. why don't you make a short serie called: through the eyes of….where you look through the eyes of hostile mobs of Wow (murlocs, kobolds etc.) at what's happening in wow, but also heartstone and heroes of the storm. For example: what does a murloc think when he gets teamed up with 'aliens' from starcraft?

  2. wowcrendor try the paladin secrets deck! It uses a mysterious challenger to play like 5 secrets at once

  3. What about a video where the gen store guy is obsessed with playing Hearthstone and keeps challenging his visitors to a match, if they win their purchase is free. Twist, the store vendor sucks at hearthstone and this sends him out of business

  4. next time when you make video make it with high rank players not vs rank 22 with noobs he even not put flame strike in his deck

  5. hey crendor! love the vids. I have a different account that I just made to upload videos because you inspired me. is there any way you can critique my channel as a whole? I have been posting hearthstone and feel like I have some good ideas I've been doing on the channel. if not I get it but it'd mean a lot if you did! my channel name is Gizze and I have a deck roulette up, along w playing w one of my friends. thanks!

  6. "I have the murloc icon, for the murlock deck… thats ironic!" NOOOOOOO!!! It is not! God damn it Cren-nerd! Learn what irony is please… It hurts xD

  7. Interesting, the first match the shaman could attack and destroy the paladin with his last turn, but for some reasons the idiot attacked the cards.

  8. Funny thing

    This is a part of Hearthstone that I miss so much. Constructed decks depending on personal choices and fun and not the same try-hard streaming decks. When I pass 20 Rank there are always the same goddamn Secret Paladins, Mech Mages and Two types of Hunter Decks.

  9. Mrgmmlrmglre inspire another murloc knight appears inspires AGAIN, gets 2 murloc warleaders inspires one last time and gets a ol' murk eye*

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