(Hearthstone) Plot Twisting Into Outland

(Ashes of Outland Standard) 3 games: Plot Twist Warlock VS Demon Hunter, Rogue, and Demon Hunter
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Music: Beethoven Piano Sonata no. 11 in B-flat major, Op. 22, performed by Paul Pitman


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46 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Plot Twisting Into Outland

  1. Altruis the outcast:do you see what must be done
    the opponent realised Kibler see what must be done and conceded

  2. Man, you put your merc, your stream, even the name of the song in the description but you dont put the deck code!?

  3. Brian was very tactful against that rogue and then dunked on him. That's what I like to see!

  4. If only that Rogue understood how to play as well as they understood how to netdeck and BM

  5. Kibler is by far my favorite streamer/youtuber of hearthstone, and mostly due to his calm way of explaining and accepting the game. this goes hand in hand with the background music.

  6. What the fuck was this first Demon Hunter ?? He played like an idiot 😂

  7. Am I imagining things, or was that attack at 18:07 really bad? Seems like the weapon would've been way better.

  8. Hey kibler i was wondering how did you get an extra copy of twisting and the warlock prime??

  9. I love how despite Kiblers work status being the same during lockdown, he grows out the facial hair, and wears a robe on stream to empathize with his viewers.

  10. Hi, just have a question, do we still have rank protection in the new rank system? Like we can't drop diamond 5 or 10 etc. thanks!

  11. Yea the nerfs to demon hunter took them from s-tier to able to compete.. but it gave other decks a chance to shine.. which was heavily needed… im glad they got those nerfs out as quick as they did..

    Game 3 was clearly recorded before the nerfs occurred lol… so kibler came out the gate playing plot twist warlock! Hells yea! Hell of a comeback too!

  12. Those salty players that thank you every time you play a card and how silent they remain when they begin to lose…

    People from the internet.

  13. Kibler: Oh it's probably a Wrathscale Naga combo deck
    Kael'thas: Am I a joke to you?

  14. would this be good to climb with on ladder? I really want to make this deck but I don’t know if it’ll be worth it.

  15. It was fun to watch your opponents drop you to 2 and then you heal and lifesteal back up.

  16. I dont have anything of value to say but its just me helping my favourite hs player for youtube. Cheers kibler.

  17. Emote spamming Rogue starts losing:
    Me: Welcome to the Salty Spittoon, how tough are ya?

  18. This deck is stupid fun! So many ways to win, plot twist with 7+ cards in hand means Supreme Archaeology finishes sooner. At turn 10 Fel Lord Betrug + plot twist is a huge tempo swing. Especially if draw Kanrethad and get a 2nd death rattle chance, or hold him til late game to guarantee draw it. Top the deck off with Rafaam for when you complete the quest early, or late game with your large hand for zero cost draws. My main issues were early game. If you don't draw early game for DM or any agro, it's GG. I replaced dark portal with 2 overconfident orcs for that reason and it helps. The portals are difficult to pull off. Another issue, RNG heavy. Sometimes you won't get the taunts/heals from the plot twist and it will cost some games.

    TL: DR: very fun deck with weak early game, but multiple win conditions.

  19. Played a priest that hit me with 3 bad luck albatross. It was a long game and I didn't play one. I saved them for Rafaam. Won me the game 😂. Such a fun deck

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