Hearthstone - Sneaky Beaky Stealth Rogue

stealth aggro rogue deck
decklist found here:

Aggro Stealth Rogue List/Guide with Match Ups from CompetitiveHS

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ES_Bubinga — Giants’ Nest
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Blue Danube by Strauss

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26 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Sneaky Beaky Stealth Rogue

  1. Nice. Stealth rogue is a lot of fun. Play a similar list for a while now, when I got tired of all the random lackey shenanigans

  2. This is ridiculous, it's clear that Blizzard has no concept of balancing at all. You can just play it without any counters whatsoever. It gets way too much synergy, it's like it lets you draw 3 cards for free. Stealth is way too broken on that card and I can't believe they still haven't changed it. Jungle panther is way too strong.

  3. As a spell druid player, I am surprised that this stealth deck was so good against that druid.
    But to be fair, I am no friend of the dragon variant (expect ysera) and the lack of claws.
    Claw is actually really good right now.

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