Hearthstone: Stealth Deck | WoWcrendor

Trying out my stealth deck at nerd level in Hearthstone!

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Hearthstone: Stealth Deck | WoWcrendor



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26 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Stealth Deck | WoWcrendor

  1. activate Mirror Image with Galliwix
    then use your Coin. you will give them a coin and get another one back.
    repeat and repeat and repeat

  2. what if u get a taunt and use a spare part to give it stealth. and dont attack with it. how will the opponent fight u?

  3. can you please put the deck list in here somewhere. You never put your deck list in, it definitely would be nice and helpful

  4. i like the deck but the guy made many miss plays for example use the huarguen to kill the onemy minions instead use back stap at min 2:35 the best play should be back stap + coin + naxramas shadow

  5. Jaina can't fireblast them,but even worse is flamestrike or as i call it raigeki (from yu-gi-oh) arcane missiles/arcane explosion!

  6. You speak so slowly that you can speed up to 1.25 or 1.5 and it sound normal..

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