Hearthstone - Survival of The Luckiest

SEIZURE WARNING ! (I’m dead serious)

I made it to Legend so everyone is going to respect me now, that’s for sure.

So yeah I made it to Legend recently, and I’m glad this achievement is now crossed off the list. I tried to tell my tale in this 1min long cinematic, I hope it’s not too long for you hyperactive kids out there. I’m curious to see how you guys understand this intro, telling a story without any words was one hell of a challenge.

About that video, it was very complicated to make. Not only because of my day job, but because I had to learn a shitload of new stuff just to make that way-too-ambitious intro. For instance I had to leard how to make 3D simulations, how lenses work (focus distance, aperture…), color correction, … for THIS video ONLY.
Also I decided to switch from 30fps to 60fps for you gamers. Edits look better now, but it’s twice as much work when you make frame by frame edits. Eh.

Overall, it was interesting to make this video but I hope the pain and sweat was worth it. As I’m writing this I have a huge headache that’s been going on for 2 days now.


# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Honestly it’s a decent deck for a meme deck, but like every deck I make, it can be optimized.

Music :
JJBA: Diamond is Unbreakable OST — Italian Restaurant : https://youtu.be/ZKBKJ9DmOhs
Sonic Unleashed OST — Windmill Isle (Day) : https://youtu.be/2b8TKhIz_ZY
PianoDeuss — Coffin Dance but it’s actually sad and emotional : https://youtu.be/iit6x2APN_w
Coda — Drive Real Fast : https://youtu.be/n1xCbExgKuI
mtcdlastrit — Koba LaD x Niska x Le Port Yoneuve : https://youtu.be/k3gI-bEvB8o

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30 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Survival of The Luckiest

  1. Damn that intro was glorious and yes it told your story pretty well. While it may of been hard to make hopefully the things you learned will be useful in future videos ☺
    The rest of the vid was great too 😆

  2. I love how in the very end, the ranks just drastically drop from 6k to 8k. We don't talk about what happened there.

  3. Intro is good. It shows that you've worked your way up with the Gods, until someone else dominated you, and that's Illidan. You fell into madness, but that helped you to get to Legend at last. Considering that you've defeated those demon hunters with something else you found, I just don't know what… And you paid the price, in real life. That's why it's not worth it. I pay only my respects to you.

  4. I'm blu daba dee dabi die

    totemic goliath is so bad, it makes me wanna cry

  5. The grind to legend (and playing this game competitively tbh) is really not worth it. I've hit legend a total of 11 times through my 3 years playing HS (f2p btw) and the crazy wacky games are much more satisfying and fulfilling. Keep up the good work Ghiles, I absolutely love your content and approach <3

  6. damn, epic gamer move GrosGhiles 🙂

    thanks for putting in the effort, and I took the intro as the climb to legend bullshit tier list

    and TRUE to your last statement, free hong kong

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