[Hearthstone] The Most Innovative Deck of the Year!

Hearthstone | The Feral druid, ResidentSleeper, Ultimate Mill, Natural Remedies. Review & analysis of the most interesting deck I have seen in a year of Hearthstone!
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Decklist = http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/140918-natural-remedies

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39 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The Most Innovative Deck of the Year!

  1. So will this deck be dead when the new changes in a few weeks? I was thinking of making it but don't want to spend the money/dust if it would be a waste.

  2. i started right after GVG left standard and jeez……i wish i could play something so slow and chill. i mean. if this is what zoolock used to be. my god how things have gone well for that deck

  3. 23:08 that warlock deck had a lot of 1 attack minions maybe hobgoblin never came? btw, no jaraxxus and no mal'ganis? wtf was that?

  4. Huge misplay playing BG hunter on turn 8 Kripp. Not to say you should ALWAYS save BG hunter and never play it but zoolocks always have the odd big minion so if u have 1 solid answer for that your basically guranteed tempo and the win a lot of the time.

  5. 15:50 This level of stupid is reserved only for the gods. "I'm almost entirely out of removal, so let's completely waste our best removal." You KNOW the second he throws down BGH for absolutely nothing, the giants are gonna show up. I was expecting giant creatures, but actual giants is even better. Why in hell would you waste a BGH like that when you had similarly powered creatures to use that didn't have game saving on battlefield effects to throw away? You never know what's in their deck. He could be throwing down nothing but 1 and 2 drops all game like before, but you can never know for sure if they don't have some crazy variant, especially when they play this poorly in earlier game.

  6. hey kripp, i know this is old, can you build and share an updated version of this deck? I wonder if its possible nowaday with all the pirates 😀

  7. wrong, idts. not, and no such thing as most innox about such

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