[Hearthstone] The Proper Control Deck

Review & gameplay of what I dream every control deck should be like.
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21 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The Proper Control Deck

  1. so i thought of an ant-aggro card like: 2 mana 2/2 battlecry:if you have at least 10 cards that cost 7 or more in your deck gain +1/+3 and taunt, or something with such mechanic

  2. I think his deck should add a Barnes. As long as you keep doomsayer in the back of your head then the added chance of a 1/1 murloc, tirion or sylvanas can be HUGE.

  3. I tried this deck, but I am using the normal Ragnaros and some other cards for drawing cards. Still works out pretty good and it's fun to play.

  4. tfw you can finally build a kripp "budget" deck because you have all the cards

  5. a good counter to aggro would be something like first strike from MTG, but make it so it can't hit face or some other drawback

  6. complains there is no counterplay to imp gang boss, deals 36 dmg with 1 card and an empty board against a class that cant do anything about it

  7. What about early game low mana cost taunts that cant be targeted with hero power or spells AND weapons.

  8. There's always the very violent card with medium-high attack that prevents minions with lower attack from attacking

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