Hearthstone - The Reason For the 60 Card Deck Limit

The reason there is a 60 card limit for your hearthstone deck. Quest warlock deck vs toki mage deck in saviors of uldum

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30 thoughts on “Hearthstone — The Reason For the 60 Card Deck Limit

  1. I still remember Wronchi Animation's Priest vs Shaman. That was hilarious. Any chance to see that in real life?

  2. I got 4 packs to legendary pity counter at Uldum, but if it will not be at least Regular warlock quest, I have to craft it.

  3. Baku the Mooneater? From Toki?! Games clearly bugged. What next? Gives you Genn Greymane? Blizzard fix your game. 😂

  4. Well.. The only way out could be:
    Get Rin, the first disciple from Toki, work your way through the felhounds and watch Azari yeetus deletus his deck.

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