(Hearthstone) Untitled/Stone Episode #1

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In this episode, Kibler, Frodan, and Firebat discuss:

— News since our last episode
— #AshesofOutland Day 1 impressions
— Demon Hunter nerfs
— Notable decks for each class
— Mailbag questions


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21 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Untitled/Stone Episode #1

  1. I love hearing this podcast and how it structured and how Frodan steer the talk from topic to topic. And of course insights from Kibler and Firebat is pure gold.

  2. Kibler saying DH is just strong and not OP made me respect him a bit less when it comes to game knowledge.

  3. Streamers getting acesss to cards is fine if its a day or two prior no earlier and only for a day or two at most.

  4. Do you have any plans on putting this on any Android podcast platforms? I cannot seem to find it.

  5. Can we please get this on podcast apps. Great show!! Glad to have it back.

  6. Here's the hunter list I've done well with: AAECAR8Gqwb4CKSlA/O3A4O5A7a7AwzHA9sJx50DnKQD5KQDnaUDu6UDmKkDjq0D+68DpLkD/7oDAA==

  7. I did like that first game, it was good back and forth, some of the best parts of Hearthstone.

  8. You guys have such great energy and insight, and your absence as a group in the community has been noticed and missed. Very excited to see you all chatting and playing again, your vids have always been my favorite Hearthstone content (aside from the game, itself) to engage with. Thank you for your work, wishing you many successes, and can't wait to catch the next episode!

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