(Hearthstone) When Albatross Goes Wrong

(Descent of Dragons Standard) Singleton Priest VS Priest
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40 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) When Albatross Goes Wrong

  1. Finds out he's never going to get to use Zephrys' battlecry in the future.
    Doesn't play it for value while he can (even if not going to Hex it to prevent albatrosses).

  2. A mirror Priest match dragged on for 20 minutes? I did NOT see that coming.

  3. I kind of want to make a hunter deck that's specifically designed to buff up Albatross' just for the hilarity of actually using them to win. I'd love to see their face when one gets dire frenzied.

  4. — 5 turns in
    — 0 cards played
    — pray your opponent does something so you can play the game

    Man I hope priest gets a proactive deck next expansion. Such a boring class rn.

  5. Playing the Zephrys on the last turn when it has been in the hand with no effect the whole game…great style play.

  6. I can't wait for the resurrection mechanic to disappear forever from standard. Who thought this was a good idea?

  7. God I love that deck so much, even if you don't win your opponent and you are at the very least laughing so hard. Long live Bad Luck Albatross.

  8. the first 6-10 turns of a priest mirror is basically like watching two canadians meet each other

  9. I don't know why this is so damn amusing to me but I was thoroughly amused throughout this entire game lol. Probably some irony here I haven't detected/dissected but alas

  10. This only shows that at legend rank there's plenty of idiots like this Cagliostro xD

  11. such a boring game, that is why i hate priest. same card fucking over and over again. I used to hate priest class because of mind control bullshit, now i even hate it even more for this bullshit.

  12. Just imagine how good prince Liam was here. Transforming all albatrosses into random legendaries

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