How GOOD is Reno with Demons? 😈 Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Today we learn just how good is getting Golden Soul Juggler by turn 7

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42 thoughts on “How GOOD is Reno with Demons? 😈 Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. How does that percentage win/loss thing Amaz has at the top of the screen work? Is it just calculating somehow whether he’s likely to win or lose? How does it do that

  2. I'm the most recent comment (at time of posting). Can I get a heart? I have so little else in life.

  3. i love when amaz gets scamaz by himself in the last round jajajajajja, love ur videos man

  4. Great game! Huge fan ♥️Might I suggest your editor cut the time when you’re waiting 45+ seconds for combat phases. Would improve the vids IMO.

  5. 2 golden jugglers are better than 1. I would have not taken bran and Malganis. Would get second golden juggler and probably imp mamma and 100% win 😛 It was so EZ win 😛

  6. If you're going to spend like 60 seconds doing just nothing, why can't you edit it out of the video, like all the other streamers/youtubers? That's really anoying

  7. 15:11

    Yes he absolutely missed the Weaver

    Golden Juggler with a huge Weaver and Watcher plus a bunch of demon tokens is a game winning comp

  8. 17:12 Why did he sell the Homunculus

    Obviously the 7 best units to take into the next battle were Juggler, Juggler, Battlemaster, Voidlord, Imprisoner, Watcher, Homunculus

    Imp Gang Boss is a terrible unit

    Let's see if he gets punished

  9. Two key mistakes he made

    He skipped the Weaver and Watcher combo

    And he skipped the second golden Juggler

    He would have won in the end if his comp was something like a thick Weaver and Watcher, two golden jugglers, and then Imprisoner, Voidlord, and Malganis

  10. That last round was so 👎. Love ya Amaz, but Brann made zero sense and discarding a triple that helps you in that game made no sense either.

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