INFINITE SECRET ROGUE?! Absolute Madness With Shadowjeweler Thanos! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Shadowjeweler Hanar works surprisingly well in a Quest Rogue package because it generates tons of secrets from other classes, and you can support that nifty trick with a nice Burgle Rogue deck around it!

Decklist: AAECAaIHBKeoA6+RA/vEA8GuAw3QuQP1pwOeAcy5A7m+A865A76YA/uaA4+XA90IkJcD/poDqqgDAA==

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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | INFINITE SECRET ROGUE?! Absolute Madness With Shadowjeweler Thanos!


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29 thoughts on “INFINITE SECRET ROGUE?! Absolute Madness With Shadowjeweler Thanos! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. As a F2P, i always dust rotating expansions as I have no interest in wild. After dusting those, along with dust left over from year of the dragon and then duplicates from opening 50 packs, I had just under 25000 dust. I crafted everything I needed of demon hunter and mage. I crafted all but Lady Liadrin for palladin. I crafted almost everything for hunter. I left druid, priest, warlock and warrior alone since I'm not convinced of them. I then crafted cards from year of the dragon.

    This is what I crafted:
    Warglaves of azzinoth (1)
    Coilfang warlord (1)
    Pit commander (1)
    Marsh hydra (1)
    Scavengers ingenuity (1)
    Mok'Nathal lion (1)
    Scrap shot (1)
    Nagrand slam (2)
    Astromancer solarian
    Imprisoned observer (2) (I think)
    Apex is blast (1)
    Deep freeze (1)
    Libram of hope (2)
    Bamboozle (1)
    Greyheart sage (2)
    Phase stalker (1)
    Rolling fireball (2)
    Puzzlebox (2)
    Magic trick (1)
    Power of creation (2)
    Desperate measures (1)
    Call to adventure (1)
    Underbelly fence (1)
    Eaglehorn bow (2)
    Counterspell (1)
    Spellbender (1)
    Blizzard (1)
    Preparation (2)
    Secretkeeper (2)
    Questing adventurer (1) (I think)

  2. Damn right its inconsistent, like cenarius says give your minions +2/2 or 2 treants with taunt but summons 2 4/4 treants like every other place in the game order rules as in the order deathrattles were played for what order they go off for a board clear and wording order especially except in the case of quest druid where you just get everything lol until now I see y you qoulent want thw prime being that strong so the did it the way it ahoukd work but if youre going to do that then have all the cards behave that way I just want things to bw the way the should.

  3. Oh my god that 2nd game was amazing. You just ended that man's whole career in one turn.

  4. Regis deserves so many subs. His content is honestly pretty much unmatched by hearthstone youtubers. Well done man

  5. Generous mummy is cool once I played galakrond rogue and opponent played generous mummy on turn 4 you can imagine that Edwin

  6. I'm glad you figured out the pirate and lackey debacle because I was gonna be so unsatisfied if you and chat didnt clear it up

  7. Hey regis, this is my not only my first time commenting, but this is also the first net deck ive ever played in 2-ish years playing! I spend most of my hearthstone play time memeing, so i had a lot of these cards because i crafted them in yet another failed attempt to make a shadow-waxadred-stowaway deck work lol.
    Anyways i dropped the secret keeper, sunreaver spy, and togwaggle's, and put in 2 dragon's horde, 2 clever disguise, and a shadow step. It's probably because I suck or maybe i'm just not smart enough to mimic your playstyle, but i often found myself running out of cards and/or the secret synergies were almost never activated while i waited for hanar. On the flip side, i've gotten the quest completed on turn 3 quite a few times, and once or twice even set up beefy hanar plays by dropping him on turn four with a rogue secret, shadowstepping him so that he's 0 mana and puts a secret back in hand for huge plays later. I don't track my decks or anything like that and i'm low gold (although slowly climbing thanks to this deck), but i just felt like sharing haha. The prime's I've got off horde have been super swingy on occasion, too

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