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29 thoughts on “KRIPP = 1v1 EXPERT! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. He just gets Divine Shield Poisones Murlocs again, so AIDS, he just gets AIDS this game. Every time he does this he reminds me of my rectal Herpes, it gets better but then I have to take a crap which horribly inflame my rectal Herpes. The analogy is my bodies natural need to crap vs Kripp's natural want to make my AIDS infested Herpes covered anus take yet another punishment.

  2. Personally, I don't get why people complain about Kripp playing murlocs too much…. Murlocs are amazingly fun to play and they place well in the end, and don't usually crank you for 20+ damage.

  3. Я не понимаю, кому интересно смотреть крипа, из видео в видео собирает мурлоков на лоу рейтинге. В чём интерес?

  4. The worst is when you take 32 damage on turn 9 with 30 health left and dying because eudora got a golden foe reaper and golden kangors.

  5. Krip krip krip, the murlocs are cool but its kinda broken and runes most battleground games that i play or that i watch

  6. I'm starting to really get tired of Kripp's videos. It's the same thing, video, after video, after video. The BG content used to be interesting, now it's just ANOTHER Murloc build video after another.

  7. Murlocs poison is OP… The whole poisonous to get unlimited atack is just bullshit and should get nerfed. I would say make it that once a poisonous minion atacks something that would otherwise survive the atack. It now dies the moment it atacks. Kinda flavors poison aswell, since it now is like: 'If you move you die.' Allso poison never instant kills anything it allways takes time. And it would make a taunt strategy counter poison murlocs.

    In regular hearthstone this change does not matter much since poison is rarely or never played. And a minion that dies the moment it atacks is useless unless it's a taunt anyway.

  8. This absolute chad gamer went to 6 and got 3 megasaurs without even seeing a brann or bagurgle… Thats just how awesome Kripp is

  9. why does kripp say windfury is bad? doesn't that mean the poisonous get double attack? or is it cuz the windfury is likely to go into a shield in this specific scenario?

  10. Brann + Khadgar is the best way to play murlocs — you play the midrange to stay alive and then pivot to murlocs to get the W

  11. 18:58 is there any goddamn reason not to take +3 attack? I mean all his murlocs were already shielded, no?

  12. Hi Kripp, have you ever thought about posting videos that are not murlocs? It is starting to get REEEEALY boring.

  13. Mukla should give opponents banana scraps instead which would only be either 1 health or 1 attack, a 1 mana 2/1 or 1/2 buff (taking the opponents away from your buffs) is a standard hero power

  14. In my opinion, your mid game placement could be more efficient, when several units have poison I think it is wise to place those with the most health after the others

  15. I do love your videos and I know Murlocs are the meta but It gets a bit boring seeing Murlocs all the time

  16. @Kripparrian What do you think about a new game mode where instead of vsing 1 player each round, you vs every player and take damage equal to the average of your losses (0 if 0 or positive)… or maybe just take 1 damage for every loss?
    That way there's no variance about who you're matching up against. Dunno what the screen would look like though :p haha

  17. What a surprise the final battle is all murlocs divine shield and poison vs all murlocs divine shield and poison…

  18. how much toxic is , if he keep thinking he is an expert
    the ONLY skill in this game is just APM and "when switch to murloc"
    you always go 1v1 vs a murloc guy
    and u know you need
    cleave andor selfless heroor ghoul
    STOP .

  19. Past kripp: look at these awesome murloc transitions

    Kripp of now: That shouldn't be allowed people playing midrange builds and transitioning to murlocs

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