MOST INSANE SAUROLISK GAME | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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26 thoughts on “MOST INSANE SAUROLISK GAME | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I feel like its better to level to two after you get 2-3 Saurolisks. You much increase your pool of deathrattle minions, and have the 4th minion for each roll

  2. i think you could sell small selfless way earlier … shields were getting sniped by juggler anw.really cool game

  3. Why or how did you increase your chance of winning from 17.6 to 66% in the last round?

  4. Oh.. deryl… I’m not skilled enough to do this. I blame mobile play

  5. Judging by the way he puts his hand on his face during the game my big brain and PhD in psychology tells me that chat is stupid.

  6. I like the new function of deck tracker to calculate the probability of win or no. That information help to make a better comp each round. And the last 3 rounds Is a proof of that

  7. Once people catch on to this build, it will be a consistent 2nd/3rd place build. It just won't be able to beat late game poison murloc or mackeral builds. But it's so strong early/mid game that it will be consistent for ranking up.

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