NUTS DEMON HUNTER CARDS!?! Two New Legendaries & More! | Scholomance Review #6 | Hearthstone

A bunch of new Scholomance Academy cards have been revealed, including insane Demon Hunter cards and two new legendaries! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

Quick Reviews: 25:34

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Scholomance Academy Card Review #6


35 thoughts on “NUTS DEMON HUNTER CARDS!?! Two New Legendaries & More! | Scholomance Review #6 | Hearthstone

  1. Sorry for the delay today, I was waiting a bit on Firebat's reveal. Hope all is well, I think I saw he was doing family stuff recently, so maybe just slipped out of mind!

    On that note, I will be unconscious during my scheduled reveal time tomorrow, doing a medical thing I may update you more on later (nothing to worry about currently). So I'd like to pre-apologize if anything goes wonky with the scheduled video drop. I will not be conscious to fix it until a few hours later.

  2. I guess Cabal Acolyte could combine well with Lazul's Scheme to steal a minion, but of course you can already do that with the Shadow Priest.
    It might fit into a highlander priest deck. Also, it does have the small advantage that you can play both Cabal Acolyte and Cabal Shadow Priest together on turn 10+.

  3. I think you underestimate Kreen … this card can lock you easily out of the game if you can't deal with it. They will trade everything and retain their board while you have nothing left to deal with it again, as long as you don't have a playable boardclear. In my eyes more problematic then "Glide". (especially against classes that don't have good early/midgame boardclears with at least 4dmg … e.g. Shaman)
    Also I think Totem Goliath is way too slow and understated for a class that needs more tempo … also the effect being deathrattle doesn't help. Just not a card shaman needs at the moment and won't make it suddenly playable.

  4. a player should not be punished by holding cards..force your opponent to change their hand is messed up, I just read this card,and I'm already tilted..fuck it I'm not wasting my time on this garbage game

  5. Glide is kind of Card Destruction in Yugioh, even stronger because it shuffles card to the deck and may plus +3 for you. Ace Hunter with Rush (and weapons) is broken as heck.

  6. Wow, it's like Blizzard has learned fuck all from last release. So far, this set gets a zero star rating.

  7. 4 stars? A 3 mana card which makes all of your stuff including you immune? And don’t get me started on glide 🙂

  8. Nerf suggestion: Outcast: Draw an additional card.
    Or maybe Outcast: They cost (1) less or something.

  9. Glide may be the reason why I stop playing hearthstone honestly, considerating the popularity of demon hunter.

  10. MarkMck: *plays against demon Hunter or rogue.
    Glide: "I'm about to end this man's whole career!"

  11. I want to see a glide mirror matchup. Glide would be the worst card in that matchup as long as you stay less than 4 cards in hand.

  12. So, what happens when you summon a copy of Kreen, everything on your board is just immune?

  13. glide is completly fucked especially in wild. they are gonna have to change it…

  14. Glide is such a good card! It will be auto-include in every DH deck.. maybe except control DH?

  15. no worry, in a couple of weeks, glide will be a 6 cost card which shuffle your hand into your deck and your opponent draws till they have nine

  16. Hes going to leave totem goliath on board to avoid using totemic reflection, the totem goliath himself is a totem rofl.

  17. 3:14 “Cast glide, and then cast your small spell.” The one you shuffled back in, Regis? 😛

  18. Kayne — 4 mana 3/5 with charge, all attacks ignore taunt.

    Blizzard: Oh, this card is too strong, lets nerf it.
    Also Blizzard: Prints Kreen.

  19. glide is so evil imagine as a rogue using galakron just for your hand to get reshuffled back in and you lose your discounts, same with dragonqueen and many other cards. also you have cards like hagatha's scheme which will just get reset. not to mention this just destroys the current warrior meta with ancharr. this card is just absurd.

  20. Glide broke Demon Hunter again oh, it's going to be used in aggressive Demon Hunter decks to make the odds of your opponent having the ideal removals very low. It's going to hurt so much

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