OBS Studio Tutorial - HearthStone Deck Tracker

How to capture HearthStone Deck Tracker in OBS Studio.


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46 thoughts on “OBS Studio Tutorial — HearthStone Deck Tracker

  1. Before I express my heartfelt opinion on this saucy video, Its nice to see someone that can take an RNG base game so seriously up to the point where I need to realize what I need to do with my life and re-consider many of my choices to find this mind=blowing sensation on this fantastic 2:58 video of billy willy I smell a little tree fiddy of a meme this was. Alright, thank you for letting me express this decision I made into the comment section and not letting my weeb of a picture scare you in anyway, The tutorial was full of orgasmic expressions and a solid plot twist at the ending. Video was also very easy to understand as I step by step  followed the instructions on the chorma key but got my chromosomes stuck on the downs and crashed my waifu sugoi tracker in the process. I need help one the part where you can make the background transparent as well, unfortunately I tried doing that on my mom but she still doesn't seem to disappear,
    Homie G Dani B

  2. Is there a way to apply the filter to remove the "player bar" on standard OBS? Not the studio version, I mean. Thanks in advance!

  3. For me the cards look kinda distorted and looks stretched that much that its kinda unreadable. How do i fix???

  4. How can I make it work automatically when I open obs and start stream? Now I have to open the decktracker window every single times 🙁

  5. When i click on Player It does pop up window but that does not contain my deck list , it has name of that deck though, what to do

  6. When I do this the "Player Deck Tracker" window is not showing my deck, but everything that's open on my screen. Do I need to make a second "scene" to get the decktracker window to work? Thanks.

  7. I just wanna say, what i believe everyone that comment SHOULD say. Thank you very much for the added information. Keep it up.

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