PAPA COBALT WOULD BE PROUD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The little Cobalt that could, isn’t all that little anymore.
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25 thoughts on “PAPA COBALT WOULD BE PROUD! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Hei guys plz tell the Blizzard that arcane amplifier is missing from the game… Just try to craft it and you will not found even you filter it in standard or wild…

  2. Tbh, Kripp had pretty good luck here in getting quite a few mech triples, though he did do well in calculating the needed amount of stats and build to counter reno

  3. Mech might be more consistent than it was before the Cobalt nerf considering less people are attempting the build. Heroes like Cleef that can buff the stats of mechs might make Cleef hidden OP since you spend early game gold buying units at 3 instead of rushing to 5.

  4. Kripp that starting with one more gold affected every following turn, because he was behind one mana every turn. That is a huge change.

  5. Lightfang on 8 with Reno is SO much fun! Seeing the transition from bad to best… 🙂

  6. Reno countered you well, you were just extremely lucky that rng saved you from his hydra's first hit in the last match

  7. Wouldnt it have been better to buff the imp gang at 5:50? Also why not buff the cobalt jr with trippled leaper when you bought it anyway. Im confused lol

  8. I’m confused. Cobalt was supposedly nerfed by being replacing with Deflect-o-bot. but isnt deflecto better than cobalt? it’s cheaper and the stats don’t really matter since you’re gonna buff it anyway.

  9. Battlegrounds is very questionable as in the choices of minions you get I wouldn’t say it is “rigged” however very unbalanced also if you go up against soul juggler or red whelp GG

  10. So it's been forever since I've played Hearthstone, so this battleground bit is super new. But I'm curious is there a reason why at 2:50 he grabbed the Tidehunter? Only to sell it for the sum of it's parts? Spent 3 coins, but only get 2 coins back for doing so. Is there some other mechanic he was exploiting?

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