Phoenix vs Vaelastrasz Deathwing EU

I believe this was Phoenix’s second kill.
I did not record this, all credit goes to Echeyo.

Guild history:
Raven Guard Elite split into(for the most part) Sacrilege and Pariah. Sacrilege restructured into Phoenix. AQ40 came around, Phoenix and Pariah merge into Last Stand. Later down the line they change name into Cráb People.


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3 thoughts on “Phoenix vs Vaelastrasz Deathwing EU

  1. thanks for uploading this video. this was the first vael video i ever saw back in vanilla and i'm pretty sure the first time i heard Muse.

  2. You're welcome, glad you liked it 🙂 Was surprised Echeyo hadn't put up all his videos since they are great 🙂

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