RAIDER ENRAGE WARRIOR!! My Favorite Warrior Deck! - Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone

This warrior deck was absolutely killing it for me today. It seems to do well against everything but sometimes it’s hard to close out games vs control decks. DON’T CRAFT ANYTHING!

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Hey, I’m Dekkster and I play games. If you like Hearthstone gameplay and watching cool quests, this is the channel for you. Enjoy!

RAIDER ENRAGE WARRIOR!! My Favorite Warrior Deck! — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone



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37 thoughts on “RAIDER ENRAGE WARRIOR!! My Favorite Warrior Deck! — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone

  1. I had the same idea with Demon Hunter. The key card is Immolation Aura, which pokes your angry minions 2 times and clear opponent's board 🤔🤔🤔

  2. 10/10. Recommended the blood brutes. Salami approves. Most likely will Buy a hoodie. Recommend to all single moms, dekkster is best streamer. Share to your family — he cures depression. Hit that like button, eat breakfast, drink your milk, take your vitamins.

  3. Bombs are back dekkster, bombs n armor!

    You were the chosen one dekkster, it was said you would destroy the aggro, not join them!

  4. Ya know when you said you wanna cache the gorehowl? Wouldnt it be much better to cache the reaper? Being that it is 2 mana cheaper and does 2 extra damage overall if you're only planning on using it for face damage that is.

  5. OMG! Why does everyone bitch about DH like wow they made a super strong class that we know is gonna get nerfed to the ground in traditional blizzard fashion after the new wears off, but don't you dare play it. Wtf people who cares like if you play a strong deck then you suck? How? why? It's crazy how salty people get over something winning and its been nerfed so….? What is everyone's deal?

  6. Tfw he recommends not to craft anything and you've crafted half the leggos and some extra tbf not this xpac ones lmao

  7. I'm not a gan'ome

    I'm not a gan'elf

    I'm a gan'arg and you've just been gan'arged

  8. I wanted to see a deck like this come around, and now I am pleased to say BLOOD AND THUNDER!!!!!

  9. Play against Res Priest.
    “This isn’t gonna be fun.”
    Yeah its never fun man, still waiting for the nerve against them.

  10. "Oh deck looks fun", play against a Priest that silences my temple and frothing, AoE's my small minions, shadow word ruins my big minions, oozes my weapon, draws 3 different 1 mana heal 5's and I'm sat there with 0 cards in my hand, fun times.

  11. I like the break down of the decks you do at the start of your videos, definitely made me a better player.

  12. This and Spell Druid are my two favourite (cheap-ish) decks of the expansion

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