Rank 81 Legend Warlock Deck | Hearthstone | Quest OTK Warlock | Ashes of Outland

Hearthstone Ashes of Outlands and Demon Hunter are the newest expansion and class and I am currently playing as Quest OTK Warlock. This deck uses the new Prime cards and this mage Deck is probably one of the best hearthstone decks and will help you climb to legend. This will be a guide for you all on how to play Quest OTK Warlock, so I hope you enjoy the Quest OTK Warlock Guide and Hearthstone Gameplay. Ecore100

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Debatable#1963 (NA)


Music: Prefekt — Numb Ft. Johnning
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5 thoughts on “Rank 81 Legend Warlock Deck | Hearthstone | Quest OTK Warlock | Ashes of Outland

  1. Hey man I rarely leave a comment but I think you deserve to get more credit for your videos. They are really good and you play all sorts of decks which is quite cool. Keep it up bro !

  2. You had lethal on the twisting nether turn, with both dragons a rain and a soul fire, it was 9 mana. 10 y you used the other soul fire

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