Scholomance Academy Announcement Trailer

Together on a video call, members of the Hearthstone team rummage through files on Headmaster Kel’thuzad’s laptop—unearthing an abundance of Scholomance Academy secrets (and numerous cat videos)!

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24 thoughts on “Scholomance Academy Announcement Trailer

  1. What's with hearthstone and their obsession with cringey skits? I just don't get it…

  2. Rattlegore should just skip the fanfare and when you play him, he should be "BAHHHHHH RIBBIT RIBBIT"

  3. This is so cringe cant even finish the video. Why does this industry only collects those individuals? Where are the normal people?

  4. Not gonna lie, at this point I'm just here for these trailers, 20/10 for this one, I LOVED it

  5. Scholomance was never originally a school, it was a manor that belonged to the Barovs who captured and tortured to death the residence of caer darrow for the promise of immortality and then a center for the cult of the damned/Necromancer training facility before the outbreak of the plague during the 3rd war.

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