TAVERN 6 ROUND 8 = META?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Too many games are won by the racers. Here’s how I do it!
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47 thoughts on “TAVERN 6 ROUND 8 = META?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I'm starting to think Ghastcoiler is the OP card now. Like you can pretty much put it in any deck that has a spare slot.

  2. 6:48 "that is undefeated first place still at 3" on turn 6… how is that relevant?
    Turn 1 you buy.
    Turn 2 you level to 2.
    Turn 3 you buy a tier 2.
    Turn 4 you buy two tier 2.
    Turn 5 you buy something and level to 3.
    Turn 6, you buy at level 3….
    The only heroes who can afford to level faster most of the time is Deathwing and millhouse, but yeah, really big deal that he defeated the TOP GUY who is STILL at lv 3 (at the point in the game where 90% of people are buying at lv 3) with the OP hero!!! Epic

  3. It's kind of hilarious how giving milhouse one extra gold took him from the absolute worst to the top 5.

  4. Random comment but why don't we see the name's of Kripp's opponents in every stream and video? I always see mine why do only the character's names appear and not the actual player?

  5. Hey, if you kripp where ever wondering about mushrooms, i think Finland is nice for that.
    You know land of a thousand lakes and mushrooms like´s moisture, yes?

  6. As iscan edna studena bira niscam toblo voda 🙂 dunno how it´s spelled lol.
    palachinki nom nom and peaches dude. I Fricking love Bulgaria, was there about 15 old.

  7. Battlegrounds meta right now feels like playing civilization. You just tech metallurgy and Ghandi rolls up on your doorstep with tanks and threats of nuclear annihilation. XD

  8. 19:00 imagine being deryl. you see how millhouse just beat nozdormu to a small puddle of dragon pudding with a 33 hit. and THEN HE GETS ANOTHER TRIPLE.

  9. Is it just me or he did not do anything at :4:13 he sold the token, bought the cat, sold the token and then tavern up? He coulda straight tavern up lol

  10. Kripparian? Never heard of him. Nice enough name though. Does he play Hearthstone Battlegrounds?

  11. On 3:59, kripp had a net change of 0 on board stats and swapped a 1/1 murloc for a beast. What the hell was the point??? To feel as if it were productive?

  12. Kripp — Using Millhouse and Standing in tavern 6, while all the others are not even 5.
    Also Kripp: Well that was first place again…
    (as like he didn't have the best comp at the moment :facepalm:)

  13. I honestly think rafaam is the still really solid because people don’t play around him.

  14. 17:00 golden ghastcoiler, the only card that deals 15 damage just by itself. Now that is true balance.

  15. To balance Millhouse they can increase the Tavern Tier cost by 1, or to keep it in theme of Millhouse, start him off with 2 minion options instead of 3 so he needs to roll more each game.

  16. We need a guy named Backflipperino Trickerino that just posts a YouTube link to a video of him backflipping to Kripp's latest vid.

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