THE EUDORA GAMBLE! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — You learn a lot by trying seemingly stupid plays in the Battlegrounds. Sometimes you even learn good strategies!
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34 thoughts on “THE EUDORA GAMBLE! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. This was a really entertaining game. Sad to see so many people complain about forcing builds. Your videos are here to entertain us and I was thoroughly entertained. I love seeing you go for high rolls rather than taking the easy win. Great job Kripp and Rania! Much love to you both

  2. all the people talking about misplays clearly dont see the point that Kripp plays this game not to just win, but to crushingly win. if he sees an opportunity to go for the absolute most oppressively powerful build be will go for it, even if the chances are slim. murlocs are the most fun build for kripp to play for him, and to be honest i dont think he really cares if we get bored of it. if he cared about innovating his content, he wouldn't still be posting hearthstone. this man just does whatever he really wants day-to-day and what he wants is to push the strongest build in the game

  3. Seemed like some silly plays were made in this game. Think the big problem in BGs right now is how everyone is trying to go for the OP murloc end-game builds (obv including Kripp), which leads to quicker games due to crappy boards all around. Midrange is winning more because no one is also going midrange. Honestly think the only thing they should do is take out Megasaur (the root of all issues with murlocs) and replace it with another decent buffer (maybe a murloc that buffs other murlocs' attack or health (or both!) at the end of the turn). Would simultaneously up the value of cards like Toxfin, as well.

  4. Can they just remove murlocs already, divine shield poision is such a retarded thing in this game

  5. Playing murlocs every game and saying "murlocs are hard" does not make you a good player, even if you win some games. Kripp is truly not good at this game, i bet that if they removed murlocs he would not even be able to win a game.

  6. You got way too focused on murlocs. You had great potential for both demons and pirates yet you went for a build you had no cards for


  7. Its kind of painful to watch this one. Krip didnt seem to care about his first golden dig, saw a megasaur and lost his advantage. He didnt get unlucky, and wasnt offered only bad cards. He just played poorly and got punished for it. He may enjoy playing only murlocs, but seeing red after seeing any good murloc is kind of narrow minded.

  8. This was awful. Trying to pivot murlocs with that crap hand when you could have been buffing the crap out of the full demon build you have had since you started it off with an Imp-Mamma.

  9. soooo in other words… Eudora really not that great unless you high roll the hell out of your first dig. OR you play the character properly and dont pass 4 turns in a row.

  10. Perhaps you should have leaned into the good build you had instead of trying to force murlocs like practically every fucking video you upload? Disliked and will dislike every video you upload where you go murlocs without disclosing it in the thumbnail.

  11. "Playing a powerful hero gives you the flexibility" …to just force murlocs every time despite given every other late game build on a literal golden platter along the way and the chance to produce, I don't know, somewhat varied content for your viewers?

  12. Got a golden zerus off a dig. Ez 1st place. It was a golden primal fin and just went murlocs.

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