The Happiest I'll Ever Be - Live acoustic style at Heartstone Farm & Winery

This is a recording in a live acoustic style of our most popular song, «The Happiest I’ll Ever Be» , performed at the Heartstone Farm & Winery in Columbia, CT.
Here we have Will on cajon, Bill on keys and Melissa doing what she does. The Mother, Father & Son Trio, Columbia’s favorite family band — November Sound. This is recorded only using the camera’s internal microphone so apologies for the less than stellar audio. Again, this is a pretty nice live performance so we are loading it up …. anyway. We hope you like it!

You can hear us performing all over the New England area.
Grill 37 , Heartstone , Hillyland , Priam , Preston Ridge , Lebanon Green , Lakeview , Blackledge , Arrowhead Acres , Hop Knot , Tapped Apple , Hebron Fair , Brooklyn Fair , 3rd Thursday as well as Town and Private Events.


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19 thoughts on “The Happiest I'll Ever Be — Live acoustic style at Heartstone Farm & Winery

  1. This is making me VERY HAPPY and ….. ??? …… "OUCH !!!!" ………. I just sat on a FORK !!!!

  2. Wow…! This is very cool song in every way ! Singing and playing was an superb ! Really awesomely performed !!!
    By the way, veri beautiful place ! Peace and Love to your family ! See ya ! Ed !!! like 13

  3. Great song and beautiful vocal…good job. Liked#15. i am your new friend and just subscribed#. please visit my channel and let's we connect each others.

  4. Hello my friends Melissa, Bill and Will! Hope all this beautiful family is well! It is so good and beautiful to know a family united not only in love but also in professional life! May God increasingly unite you all in his immense love! You have a talented band! Each component of this band showed their particular talent and brilliance. My friend Melissa, I really enjoyed the song you sang! May God always guide and light the way for you all! I took the opportunity to subscribe to your channel today (215). Heartfelt wish, much success, health and love for the whole family! May Christmas be filled with many blessings from heaven for all of you! Many Flower Kisses for the whole family !!!! Like 21.

  5. Beautiful performance ☝️😊🎵thank you so much my friend 💕sounds great 👍 😎💕hope you have a great time and take care!!!💖

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