The Hearthstone Team’s Favourite Cards of All Time

Members of Blizzard’s Team 5 tell us which cards they love above all others.


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25 thoughts on “The Hearthstone Team’s Favourite Cards of All Time

  1. My favorite card has to be Kel'thuzad. He was the big bad of the FIRST expansion, and he had so much personality in that adventure. The card itself also has an appropriate OOMPH for a legendary, instantly winning games if not answered. His play quote is also iconic

  2. I haven't played him once in my life, but Godfrey looks like father Gascoigne, has a badass ability, voice line and interesting gameplay

  3. 0:12 Ok favorite card. Saronite chain gang. Why? Because it says: How long ”will” this go on. 2 sec after: How long CAN this go on. Well Done there Hearthstone team

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