The HOLIEST HOLY NOVA Of All! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1408

The HOLIEST HOLY NOVA Of All! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1408

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ES_Just a Saturday — Alexandra Woodward
ES_Forbidden Temptations — The Grateful 7
ES_How Many Times (Instrumental Version) — Joachim Nilsson
ES_My Children — Martin Klem
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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40 thoughts on “The HOLIEST HOLY NOVA Of All! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1408

  1. It would be interesting but they have to make the heroes able to be bought by Gold to make it not too Pay to win

  2. If all heroes were free and all classes had the same number of heroes they could have different hero powers. In other games like duelyst and teppen they did that and that made deck building more interesting cause even when one hero power is better there might be better deck archetypes that benefit from other hero powers.

  3. Не зря всё-таки Штан каждый раз со Светиком здоровается)

  4. If they made the other hero's cost gold, instead of real money. I think it could work.

  5. The idea that each hero gets its own hp is cool, but blizzard is incapable of doing it in a way that not blatantly pay to win

  6. Defidently not on the hero powers. This game does not need to be quite that pay to win given how so many heroes are behind paywalls.

  7. Different hero powers would be cool, but it would make the game even more pay to win than it already is

  8. 4:52 What? Silvername is evolving?

    Congratulations! Silvername has evolved into Silverloc

  9. I think classes should have different hero powers, but not associated with the portraits

  10. I think it would be cooler for the power of the hero to go more according to the hero you have. For example, Arthas summons a lordaeron recruiter and Lady Liadrin summons a Silvermoon recruit

  11. Кто смотрит сильвера, ответьте: он реально дегенерат, или это образ?

  12. If you make heroes have different hero powers you make the paytowin aspect of the game even more relevant which isn’t healthy for the game (considering most alternative heroes have to be acquired by paying money to blizzard)

  13. I'd love it if different hero portraits used different hero powers, but that would introduce a lot of pay-to-win, because a lot of hero portraits are purchase-only, and would also force a ton of balance questions about cards interacting with hero powers in general.
    Cards you can play that change your hero power are fine. Starting with a different power probably isn't.

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