The Most Disgusting Highroll You'll See | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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30 thoughts on “The Most Disgusting Highroll You'll See | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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  2. Dog casually gets golden brann and megasaur and doesn't even play them. This is an insult to the game. I can't imagine Kripp doing it.

  3. hit 7k today, been watching your videos, and really gave that boost to get from 5k to 6k. started listening to your thought process and made another push to get that 7k. thanks!

  4. The most disgusting highroll i've had was Eudora's HP giving me golden cannon on turn 4.
    I didn't get Gold Grubber though, and…
    I won 1st place that game.

  5. The fact that he managed to attack first and not to lose cannon on the fights tho

  6. I'm the last fight you should have sold all the units except the windfury guy and gold grubber and then next turn transition to murlocs.
    Just for content

  7. Honestly, the most disgusting Highroll would've been to get a golden kitty or Tidehunter, and then get a third kitty for another golden kitty, and then have 4 golden units (cause tokens), and then get 2 Goldgrubbers from those.
    That's what I thought would've happened. But this was fine as well.

  8. This title was accurate, that was thoroughly repugnant. from turn 1 to the final hero power

  9. This video has invoked a level of anger within me that I didn't know I had.

  10. If I hit a roll like this, I'd lose my mind.
    Actually forget that, with the losing streak I'm on, if my Eudora goldens or rolls hit anything useable whatsoever, I'd orgasm.

  11. this is before watching the video:

    but once as eudora (cant spell) i got an ally cat starter…

    ended up trippling it on turn 4.. discover into golden grubber..
    hero power (golden pogo, not intresting part) play it and discover a gold grubber.. already 3 gold cards.
    2 turns later i got tripple grubber..
    my next hero power i get alley cat again…
    leaving me with 6 goldens one of them being a golden gold grubber lmao
    leveled up to tavern 5 and got a golden hogger
    easiest pirate game of my life
    end the game with a 200+ / 200+ golden grubber

    edit: holy crap that is almost this video hahaha

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