The Return of Jade Decks | Solem Hearthstone

Jade Decks have been in the game for more than 4 years now and today we are going to make them shine once again. We got Jade Druid, the godfather of Jade …


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46 thoughts on “The Return of Jade Decks | Solem Hearthstone

  1. "We're going to lose to a standard deck? Noooo"

    But actually yes.

    That was really an unlucky day for jade rogue.

  2. Hey Solem, thanks for taking the criticism about fast forwarding part in your videos. Just cutting that skippable part altogether is making your videos much smoother and cleaner.

    I've tried your grim patron ctun deck(the one you used against ruffle) yesterday, and went 0 — 11. But 10/10 would do it again

  3. Jade Rogue has the least and most awkward synergies to properly make the deck work.

    Druid and Shaman have 3 Jade Class cards while Rogue has only 2. If they had printed 1 more for Rogue back then, maybe it wouldn't be so awkward.

  4. Solem made a Jade Rogue deck a few months ago that was really good. Used Necrium Apothecary and a few other deathrattle synergy cards. I've climbed in wild thanks to that deck.

  5. Such annoying jerk keeps talking every damn second empty words. Dislike and hateful commentary from me eat it moron

  6. I think the anagram was a joke towards players using the healbot addon, does not work in french alas : /

  7. Solem, would you please consider playing Quest Rogue with Recurring Villian? If you somehow manage to pull it off, you have and actual immortal minion on board until it's silenced!

  8. Did you say Kragg is a bad card? This bad boy is summoning a 4/2 Rush Parrot (that alone should be enough to convince) and taunts an attack, that’s not as bad as that

  9. Because I HATE Jade Druid, Jade Idol is disenchanted a looooong time. No more.

  10. You know, if he played Roll the Bones instead of 2 Lab Recruiters, he may have actually drawn into anything useful…

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