This Deck is Actually More Broken than Shaman | Firebat Hearthstone | Descent of Dragons

I don’t want to see more of this on ladder. Don’t play it.

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37 thoughts on “This Deck is Actually More Broken than Shaman | Firebat Hearthstone | Descent of Dragons

  1. I can't play this deck. I get such unlucky draws its not even funny. And this deck is all about the lucky draws.

  2. This is the equivalent of saying Tip the Scales Paladin was better than Control Warrior back in the day. The deck is solely dependant on you drawing Necrium and not Anub.

  3. I just it legend playing highlander/dragon mage…. deck tracker has me at 63% winrate versus all these stupid shamans, this rogue deck is legit though, can be seriously hard to deal with if they have that card on turn 4

  4. 3:33 its a joke? he cant count /? leeroy 9 dmg + pirate 8 dmg + boar 1 dmg = more then yoy need to make a lethal тупорылейшая далбаебина в истории стримерства хартстоун

  5. beat the deck with embiggen druid. it Pretty much Comes down to, who is luckier with his kicker Cards.

  6. I do wonder if they will address this deck in any way. Even the most minor change would absolutely destroy it though, so… Now one thing I did not understand: On game 2, why did you use your buffed up faceless corrupters to trade? Flick could have cleared 2 minions with one, then you would probably lose him to the trade. But then you would get your two faceless' on board on the next turn. The math doesn't add up with the data here especially since you ended up flik'ing the single corrupter later, but maybe you were saving Flik for something else?

  7. Rogue’s are way more broken than shamans were. Sad they didn’t nerf them and only picked on shamans. So not right. NERF THEM NOW PLEASE!!!!!!

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