[Walkthrough] Diablo II: LoD - Barbarian - "The Den of Evil"

Hello everybody and welcome to a new walkthrough!

Today I am going to begin playing one of the, if not the greatest Action RPGs of all time — Diablo II Lord of Destruction. Just letting you know that this walkthrough is BLIND, meaning I have never played this game be4 in my life. I do have to say though that a long time ago I HAVE PLAYED this game and beat the first 3 quests, however I never got past that so pretty much this is a blind walkthrough.

I really hope you enjoy, and if you do please comment, rate, and SUBSCRIBE!


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17 thoughts on “[Walkthrough] Diablo II: LoD — Barbarian — "The Den of Evil"

  1. i never really liked any of the diablo games, and i miss your sexy voice… but i'l still watch this though…

  2. Haha, thanks man 😀 I'm playing single player 🙂 This walkthrough was already recorded like 3 months ago so I'll be just uploading new parts now and then 🙂 Are you back from vacation yet btw?

  3. Ohh Dayum i remember when i playd D2LOD had enigma shako and all that other stuff and were 84+ on 3 chars 😀 funtimes. But that acc is gone;(

  4. Does the Barbarian need to learn a specific skill in order to effectively dual wield weaponds?

  5. Bad place to have your on-screen logo. Not only is it completely unnecessary since you already have a space for that next to your name under the video, but it blocks us from seeing your HP. Def should've removed it prior to playing this.

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