When You Basically Lost The Game on Turn 1

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35 thoughts on “When You Basically Lost The Game on Turn 1

  1. Sethekk Veil Weaver needs to get nerfed. Needs to have 2 health, and I would prefer that it only gave you a spell when you cast a spell on a friendly minion. I hate it when they play Veil Weaver and chain 3 removal spells in a row

  2. You can update this deck pls =(


  3. Somehow in a meta where a new class that is super op gets added, priest still manages to be the most toxic, hated class in the game

  4. This video shows exactly why Priest is a joke right now. Value upon value upon value and that's before you even get to Galakrond and Mass Rez everything. Plus they have stupid amounts of removal.

  5. Thijs please update your ending credits / music… cmon bro its old af, whip your editor

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