World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

This is the official cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft’s fourth expansion set, Mists of Pandaria, originally debuted at gamescom 2012 on August 16 in Cologne, Germany. Full details on this major update to the critically acclaimed World of Warcraft franchise can be found here:

Unlock the Mysteries of Pandaria

You’ve ended Deathwing’s destructive rampage and saved the dragonflights from extinction. Now you must unlock the mysteries of the lost continent and discover the dark secrets of Pandaria’s past. Explore ancient kingdoms hidden since before the Sundering, plunder vast treasures from the depths of the forgotten vaults, and rise to defend Pandaria from the shadow of a long buried evil — before it’s too late.



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48 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

  1. I still say this my favorite expansion trailer out of all of them. Its epic from beginning to end and that final line actually got you ready for how the pandaren were about to be split.

  2. Jesus, this trailer gives me the chills everytime I watch it. Absolute masterpiece!

  3. When Blizzard make a "Joke" trailer, it's the best expac, but when they do a "serious" trailer it's the worst… So Sylvanas is a joke character and Shadowland will be good ?

  4. Good old days, back when Blizz didn't decide to team up with Activision.

  5. Since the end of Vanilla, I have been spending my time playing this game, lemme tell ya', MoP was by far my favorite expansion with BFA

  6. remember when the red shirt guy asked about the southern hemisphere because pandaria is a tropical island ? hopefully blizzard would expand into the another world in the southern hemisphere

  7. I think that we were too builnded by Blizzard's Greatness and we missed each masterpiece they made so much that we could never appreciate the new one until it was gone again.

  8. The video description says "originally debuted at gamescom 2012", but I saw the trailer at Blizzcon 2011… wut? Or do they mean the xpac itself?

  9. The best way to tell if someone is an elitist edgelord is their opnion on MoP. If they are there whole argument against MoP will be "Pandas made the game a joke!" As if Gnomes,Dwarves,Goblins,Murlocs,Gnolls,and Kobalds never existed

  10. Looking back at it now, underrated expansion. Anyone remember MoP Destro? (praise Xelnath, hallowed be his name) A few specs could have been cleaned up a bit, but class design was never at a better place. Sure, there was homogenation, but PvP was never as balanced as 5.4 and never had as many specs able to compete. I have complaints about the expansion… but they got a lot of things right. Even if an expansion has a theme I like, if my class isn't fun to play, I can't really enjoy it. Now, if only the dev team would get rid of the changes that made the game worse, and go back to class design like this…

  11. Ahhhh when the times i terrorize pvp arenas wirh my paladin and death knight 😢🤤😩

  12. Would you guys trust WoW with Ubisoft because they at least know how to put a gray zone of morality in their games unlike most companies

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