World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Soundtrack (Full)

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King OST.
Composers: Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Neal Acree.

0:00 Main Menu (Wrath of the Lich King)
8:58 Arthas, My Son (Cinematic)
12:13 Arise, A Death Knight
13:37 Darion Mograin
15:01 Fallen Heavenshire
16:09 Assault on New Avalon
18:23 Assault on New Avalon (Album Version)
20:41 Butchered Scarlets
23:46 Plague Smog
25:45 The Attack on Tyr’s Hand
26:54 The Ebon Hold — Acherus
28:15 Sailing Icy Seas
30:49 The Borean Tundra
42:31 Warsong Hold
48:25 The Taunka
55:07 Camp Winterhoof
59:17 Death Hunters
1:10:56 Riplash Ruins
1:24:47 Sea Walkers
1:31:34 Geysers and Clockwork Gnomes
1:34:17 Kaskala
1:37:05 Plights of the Tuskarr
1:39:34 Coldarra
1:43:34 The Nexus
1:45:29 Pulse
1:47:37 On Dragons’ Wings
1:53:21 Dispelling the Occulus
1:58:13 Against Malygos
2:00:27 Parting Icy Skies
2:02:01 The Howling Fjord
2:13:29 The Birth of Man
2:16:28 Iron Dwarves
2:21:39 Slaves to the Titans
2:27:35 The Vrykul
2:34:42 Kamagua
2:37:01 Tuskarr Troubles
2:39:56 Utgarde Keep
2:43:29 Charge of the Vrykul
2:47:01 The Floating City of Dalaran
2:52:24 The Violet Citadel
2:53:58 The Underbelly
2:58:53 The Violet Hold
3:02:46 Crystal Trees
3:10:36 Lake Wintergrasp
3:16:14 Battle for Wintergrasp
3:19:26 The Great Dragonblight
3:24:54 Graveyard of Dragons
3:35:33 Realm to the Dead
3:46:17 Roanauk Icemist
3:49:48 Exiles In Their Own Land
3:53:10 Ruins of Indu’le Village
3:59:50 The Lake
4:03:31 Azjol-Nerub
4:15:20 Ruins of the Azjol Empire
4:22:03 The Old Kingdom
4:30:55 The Herald of Yogg-Saron
4:35:30 The Wrath Gate
4:39:25 Chamber of the Aspects
4:46:30 Throne of the Dragons
4:53:32 An Uneasy Alliance
4:55:47 The Obsidian Sanctum
5:02:59 Naxxramas
5:11:56 The Hub
5:14:24 Spiders
5:17:47 Maexxna
5:19:51 Plaguebringers
5:23:41 Loatheb
5:25:10 Abomination Wing
5:28:15 Thaddius
5:30:20 The Frozen Heart
5:34:38 Kel’Thuzad
5:39:02 Grizzly Hills
5:45:43 Camp Oneqwah
5:46:58 Lumberjacks
5:51:19 Solitude
5:58:18 The Return of the Westfall Brigade
6:01:44 Gather ‘Round the Campfire
6:05:12 Vordrassil
6:16:52 The Furbolgs of Grizzlemaw
6:23:48 The Wolf Cult
6:28:15 Moving On
6:35:47 Thor Modan
6:39:10 Riders from Drak’Tharon
6:42:12 Zul’Drak
6:54:01 Altar of Sseratus
6:54:59 A Futile War
7:01:16 Altar of Har’Koa
7:02:14 Altar of Rhunok
7:03:14 They are Killing Their Own Gods…and Themselves
7:09:31 Altar of Quetz’Lun
7:10:33 Altar of Mam’Toth
7:11:34 The Scholazar Basin
7:22:58 Scourge Breach
7:28:52 The Makers’ Overlook
7:31:44 Path of the Life Warden
7:36:29 Nature
7:45:09 The Lifeblood Cave
7:49:27 The Crystal Pillars
7:53:35 The Storm Peaks
7:58:29 Mountains of Thunder
8:02:35 The Titans
8:05:14 The Storm Giants
8:08:14 The Temple of Storms
8:09:36 Thorim and Loken
8:12:16 Undermining Yogg-Saron
8:16:14 Halls of Stone
8:17:41 Brann Bronzebeard
8:19:33 Destroying Sjonnir
8:20:27 Halls of Lightning
8:21:52 The Iron Vrykul
8:23:38 The Death of Loken
8:24:33 Icecrown Glacier
8:27:27 The Realm of the Lich King
8:33:05 The End of the Scourge
8:40:25 The Culling of Stratholme
8:40:59 The City Gates
8:43:49 Alleyfull of Zombies
8:45:57 The Light Must Prevail
8:48:45 Festival Lane
8:50:26 Mal’Ganis
8:51:36 Arthas’ Folly

Patch 3.1, 3.2, 3.3


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29 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Soundtrack (Full)

  1. 9:42
    Every time I hear this part… I get memories from back then. I remember when my dad showed me the clip with Arthas dying.
    My dad and I always played the game together and I loved it, because it was the only time we really did something together, because he worked a lot…

    I‘m just happy that I can listen to this with good memories going thru my head :‘)

  2. I have listened to this track close to 100x. I wish I could like it for each time. Thanks so much for sharing and also for keeping it relatively ad-free!

  3. Привет, если ТЫ сюда заходишь поностальгировать, и тебе небезразличен Варкрафт, то это для ТЕБЯ. Меня настолько сильно задела атмосфера Варкрафта, что я просто не нахожу себе места… Я хочу создать свою вселенную, настолько же огромную, как Варкрафт, но я понимаю, что одному это не по силам. Если тебя это хоть как-то заинтересовало, то отпишись под комментарием.

  4. Arthas Мы тебя помним, любим, не забудем. верните мой 3.3.5

  5. Man, WoTLK just was something else. Not going to rag on modern WoW but this expansion really felt good in all the right ways to me, music most of all.

  6. What I would give to just go back in time to coming home from school on a friday and loading up Wrath again…. Was literally another world you could escape to.

  7. Me and my friend were leveling our new twinks and I was thinking what location to go. I remembered this location beneath Dalaran with beautiful mysic and crystal trees (3:02:46). We decided to go and level there, because all other locations we leveled through like 10 times. Imagine our surprise and disappointment when we went there and saw 0 quests. This location is still empty and unused till today =(

  8. Wow fucked up by using different templates for their xpacs. They coulda done just 1 of 2 things, thats it, and it woulda been fire.
    1. Use the TBC model and template for every expac
    2. Instead of whole xpacs that change the entire game every time they just patch in content like the gates of ahn quiraj or scourge invasions durong vanilla or when they added isle of quel danas in TbC.

    They can add content without adding 10 levels, new talents for those levels, entirely new features and mechanics. Just add dungeons and raids. Maybe zones sometimes. Cataclysm is the only time they needed to change alot and its totally fine.

    Story and lore wise everything up to cataclysm is amazing. They just messed up with features. Catas bane was not having lots of end game content and the LFR system. The LFG system should have just been a tab for easy communication for people looking for group. So they dont have to travel to cities everytime. Thats it. The teleporting and ilvls and shit is dumb. Cata coulda been the best expac if done right.

  9. Is it just me or did world of Warcraft start to lose its magic after the events of this expansion pack?

  10. Last WoW expansion that I played properly, like 25HLK properly. And BTW, don't use this as your car music, just don't ask.

  11. I would definitely would travel back to the Dark Ages or join the 300 spartans and train to be the 301th if only the ambiance of the Lich King is orchestrated in the background of everywhere I go and do. Sometimes I wish wishes can come true

  12. I love that each track is ordered like the journey the player takes through northrend 😀

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