YOU MUST TRY MURLOC MENAGERIE! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — A blend of my favorite two builds is actually quite viable in this meta!
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48 thoughts on “YOU MUST TRY MURLOC MENAGERIE! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Menagerie was really solid when Lightfang was +2/+2…nerfing her pretty much put the build in such a bad spot

  2. You really didn’t take the comments about you doing the card reveal with blizzard very well did you, somethings definitely off since

  3. People used to openly play Pokemon in my middle school. I was always sad because I couldn't afford the cards 🙁

  4. I won my first ever attempt of bran pogo’s today. Thanks for the applauds

    PS-I got 11 pogos

  5. It's easy to winn if your opponents are this weak… I literally lost the last 5-6 matches and got 5th-8th place, because my opponents had 4-5 20/20s in the 8th round… almost every. single. one. Not just 1-2 in the same match 4-5 people had that kind of boards… And I only played against them, occasionly against the other 2 people, who had such a weak board I beat them up, but somehow they survived against everyone else… like wtf is wrong with this game? XD

  6. 1st Cannon, 2nd soul jugglers, and maybe a murloc high roll, but you know damn straight the cobalt refresh is coming and dead cuz you didn't get a strong hero or any decent early game advantage that means you get 6th or 8th and effectively loaded into the game just to get railed without being able to do anything. Really "strategic" gameplay blizzard

  7. Imagine YOLO-ing to tavern 5 and then going nuts for two tavern 3 murlocs that appear. Can we fix murlocs please?

  8. Kripp is legitimately cursed in that his hydra always goes for minions on the far right or far left

  9. “What’s the first non-conformist thing I did” You are trying too hard even now lad

  10. Menagerie ? It's murloc with one cleave lmao. the content is more than stale. i'll be watching someone else

  11. Intro talks about how he loves menagerie but in the game he tries to avoid it or get out of it as fast as possible lol

  12. that guy who called kripp out for being an elitest destroyed him. Kripp has always been an edgelord.

  13. This is how a typical game looked like when BG first came out. Everybody got amalgams. Btw it triggers me when Kripp passes so many good battlecries.

  14. kripp you cringed me the f out when you talked about how "different" you were from everyone else. Grow the f up you are socially awkward.

  15. Goldryn 6 is stupid as beast build is dead now, baron on 6 would make more sense instead cuz Goldryn is necessary while Baron is just cranking the build up. Baron without Goldryn is still trash and nobody does bomb builds anymore.

  16. Jeesh, stop saying that murloc is "risk and reward" etc… its not hard to pull off, you can start rolling that snowball from 1st round and every new card just solidifies the build… its not high risk build at all.

  17. 16:22 was this a known interaction ? That the spawned unit with "attack immediately" will attack until it dies ?

  18. I was peacefuly playing beasts when i realized that the other 7 people were playing murloc menagerie and one of them was Tess… I still have nightmares

  19. Kripp: "I had two murlocks". Also Kripp: looks at the board with four murlocks.

  20. Does anyone know what I can use that shows the percentages each game? But I can only play mobile so im not even sure if samsung even has any of those

  21. 9:10 why in the world would he put divine shield minion after the cannon? If anything, just put cannon 2nd after the dragon and you're fine…

  22. the best part of this video is Kripp trying to explain how original his tastes are by saying he liked Pokemon

    the most popular global franchise of all time

  23. Do I just overvalue poison? Seeing as that last battle was the last one if he won, I would have jumped on those toxfins instead of hoping for a bran

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