Your Regularly Scheduled Khadgar Nonsense | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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37 thoughts on “Your Regularly Scheduled Khadgar Nonsense | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Dog is the most pessimistic BG streamer (But also one of the best) I follow. It's not Kripp, he's only salty about the battle results.

  2. I love dog's "drunk" apathetic commentary seriously it gives me life. perfect before bed time

  3. aww damn, the frames are breaking again. It's only for like half a minute. I'm gonna spam export some stuff from premiere and see if I can figure out what the issue is. I'll take the video down and reupload if I can figure out what's up with it.

  4. dude ngl listening to someone say 'we're gonna lose this game' for half an hour wears pretty thin pretty quick. it's every. fucking. clip. chill out aye.

  5. I nabbed golden chad and had the most amazing rng fiesta. Ended on murlocs to win. Murlocs feel so boring to win with though.

  6. i think khadgar is the reason why i like hs bg more than other auto battlers. This is such a unique fun card, on top of being well designed and balanced. Its just perfect

  7. Lightfang was the most stats on both triple opportunities (from the very first turn it was on the field). Why pass it?

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