1 BILLION Armor Druid!? Ultimate Linecracker Bees Combo! | Hearthstone

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The goal of this Hearthstone Druid OTK combo deck is to use Linecracker combined with Bees! We do this by playing Linecracker, Deathspeaker, Elise the Enlightened, BEEEES!!!, and Earthen Scales for 1 Billion Armor! Super fun meme deck! Good luck!

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25 thoughts on “1 BILLION Armor Druid!? Ultimate Linecracker Bees Combo! | Hearthstone

  1. move over 2k armor druid there is new armor druid in town. i Beelieve the opponent should of probably conceded once he saw the total armor you had. lol

  2. 11:15 If you'd have used a single more bee you'd have gotten it over 2^31 which, unless they've fixed it (which I doublt Blizzard would do since you're not supposed to have any number that high), would have caused an integer overflow which gave it negative attack (which I don't know the result of, negative health makes it die but I've never seen anyone take attack that far before)

  3. c’thun hunter idea : use warbringer deathratlle to secretly buff c’thun when bufeed enough use emris (i think 🤔) to double its attack yo can use seeping ozeling+pack tactics to copy the warbringer deathrattle no need to mention the deathrattle triggers that hunter has or the new lion

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