Disguised Toast tries out @DUE_nest’s Cube Warlock with Skull of the Man’ari and its turns out to be the #1 Deck on Ladder right now! OTK Warlock with Carnivorous Cube with Doomguards

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  4. Dude, you are sick ! Idk whats better, if your editing skills or at hearthstone . hard to tell but awesome job.

    Update — Just notice the link for who does the editing, lol. Good job either way homie. Got any advice for a starving , on a budget, murloc paladin. Wacthed one of your videos talking about the type but too much dust for me at the moment. 😀 Thanks

  5. if warlocks actually got a deck that worked they would nerf the shit out of it. thats why 80% of top players are priests. paladins have an iwin button and fuck the devs fuck this unbalanced unwinnable game. unless you play paladin or priests you just lose to them.

  6. a better defile would have been to hit the 6 hp doom guard and a void walker into the crpyt lord to make a 1 hp, then hit with void walkers into a scarab to make a 2 hp minion. then defile and you're left with a 1 hp doom guard left which you can hit face with and cube.

  7. How can a skull pull out a Rin the Disciple after I already silenced and killed it? This happened to me the other day. If there are no demons in the hand, does it generate a demon automatically?

  8. What is the best deck to use as a beginner? I love the mage, but I'm really feeling the hunter class

  9. holly shit… he doesn't use his defiles because of "math" and when he does he misses it… talk about letting a deck carry you through the ranks instead of actual tactics and skill, this game he sure deserved to lose

  10. Oh my god he failed to count for defile hahaha
    turned out well enough

  11. Toast is the ultimate showman. Contrary to popular belief he never lost control of that game once.

  12. 12:45
    1hp: crypt lord
    2hp: Voidwalker
    3hp: voidwalker
    4hp: ghoul
    5hp: scarab
    6hp: none
    7hp: doomguard survives can smorc and be cubed after

  13. "how are you supposed to process all this". Forgetting two charge minions spawn on deathrattle even though that's the whole design of the OTK, lmao. No wonder why this is such a trash game when a "top" player does this stuff.

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