10 Awesome Ashes of Outland Combos | Hearthstone

10 Awesome ways to kill your opponents in the Ashes of Outland expansion

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44 thoughts on “10 Awesome Ashes of Outland Combos | Hearthstone

  1. What are the songs called in the background and what kind of genre is it, some kind of Jazz?

  2. I miss combos in standard. I hope they shift it back some day. I love combos, control and long games and I also dont mind losing against an hero card at all and most of the time I feel like I have a lot of time to develope a winning strategy, but I hate losing against aggro/ tempo without having a chance bc you didn't draw well. That wouldn't be so bad, if aggro was a minority, but when like 80% of your enemy's are aggro, it's getting unfun. Even when I have like 70% winrate against an aggro deck, I feel 0 fun in winning there.

  3. 1:40 you probably dont need to do this combo but just in case the enemy survived to this part of the game (I dont know how but it happened) its a good way to kill him

  4. Combining Teron Groefiend and Treachery is such a big brain play
    Totally useless, but very clever

  5. That infinite mana combo with Warlock for Ratcatcher is insane. Also did not think of how the 3/4 combos with Treachery

  6. wild doesn't count coz there's like a billion possible combos. do standard and figure out combos within the restrictions of the available expansions. much more satisfying than just using every card possible.

  7. am i crazy to think the boar otk play is actually viable. also the porcupine animation is awesome

  8. Don't know but for me its not a awesome combo if it needs to be prepared by reducing the cost of the cards that much. Its no big deal if you hand nearly costs zero. A reall awesome combo is one you didn't thought of and can realistically pull off in a real match

  9. Hi there, your work is awesome, can you start give decklist in description? I would like to pull off some combos.

  10. Devs: Okay, let's release this new card and hope is not somehow broken
    HysteriA: 100+ Ways to Obliterate Your Opponent's Hopes and Dreams With This New Card!
    Devs: damn, this guy again

  11. This is all cool and everything bit today i had to concede against a druid with 2500 armor so when you make these combos imagine how pissed off you opponents ale when they die to it or imagine you dying to something like this

  12. Judging by the fact that almost all of these combos were wild I think blizzard is trying to get rid of combos

  13. you can do the king krush combo in standard i played it in highlander hunter u only need 2 king krushes and at least one buff for 22dmg combo

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