11 Stupid Ways to Kill Your Opponent [Hearthstone] | Top 3 Tavern Brawl

11 stupid ways to kill your opponent in the top 3 tavern brawl!

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Rules for the Top 3 Tavern Brawl: Pick three cards and we’ll make you a deck with ten copies of each card.

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36 thoughts on “11 Stupid Ways to Kill Your Opponent [Hearthstone] | Top 3 Tavern Brawl

  1. Flare + Galvanizer + Clockwork Automaton = Hero power one-shot-kill

  2. I wasn't able to play the brawselium top 4 with 1 ban, is the ban an option of four or three?
    In case of the latter i was thinking of:

    Discard lock — Ban Soul Fire or Malcehzaar's Imp
    Mind Blast — Ban Mind Blast or Radiant Elemental
    Zip Zap — Band Zip Zap or Mechwarper
    Molten Giant — Band Molten Giant or Thekal
    Lightwarden — Band Lightwarden of Circle of Healing
    Cultist — Ban Cultist or Time Out
    Heal OT — Ban Auchenai Phantasm or any other
    Torch OTK — Ban Sorcerer's Apprentice or Torch
    Mech combo — Ban Mechwarper or Metaltooth Leaper
    Savage Roar — Patches or Savage
    Mill Driud — Ban Biology Project or a Mill

  3. I just had the Lackey Murloc, the Weaponized Wasp, and Vodoo Visions to discover spells, never thought of these seick combos

  4. Branching paths (Draw every time unless you need armor)
    Mogu Cultist
    Biology Project
    Ez highkeeper Ra turn 5 or so

  5. The last fun deck that still wins about 40% of the time for Druid:
    1x Biology Project (1 mana)
    1x Skulking Geist (6 mana)
    1x Yogg Saron (10 mana)

    Best case scenario:
    1) You go second with 4 Biology Projects in hand and draw into Skulking Geist.
    2) You play all the Biology Projects and the Coin, which ramps you up to 9 mana.
    2a) This also gives you 6 full mana to play Skulking Geist, which gets rid of all your Biology Projects and any other 1 mana spells your opponent has in their hand/deck.
    3) Survive your opponent's 10 mana turn, which is much easier than you'd expect as Geist destroyed cards like Soularium, Naturalize, Evolve and Arcane Missiles.
    4) Draw into and play Yogg Saron.
    5) Actually have fun with bad effects being drawing Geist or being overloaded, and good effects being drawing cards or killing your opponent.

    Worst case scenario:
    1) Go first with three Yoggs in hand after the mulligan.
    2) Reach turn 5 with eight Yoggs in hand.
    3) LOSE.

    Strategy Tips:
    1) Hard mulligan for at three or more Biology Projects.
    2) With at least three Biology Projects in hand, play them on turn 3 with Skulking Geist.
    3) Resist playing Yogg Saron before playing Skulking Geist as more spells is actually bad in this Brawl.
    4) Ideal number of spells for each Yogg Saron should be about 3-4.
    5) Alternate win condition: Play Skulking Geist against Mill Druid, Soularium/Soul Fire Warlock or Machine Gun Mage.

  6. I'm really glad to hear that there are still people attempting to keep the RTS genre alive. It's so interesting of a genre, but it's been a one-dev show for over a decade, nearly two. We need fresh blood like this.

  7. My fav for this brawl is Lakkari Sacrifice, cataclysm, and high priestess jeklik. Very fun

  8. Where was this video during the brawl? I scoured the internet looking for trolly ways to cheese wins lol. I was doing the pogo hopper one but could have done immune cultist.

  9. Righteous Defender is actually a lot better than the 3 mana immune for the cultist combo, because it helps you survive really well and even have some board control leading up to the combo.

  10. Played Time of Rain, Co-Op wise Starcraft 2 has it beat at all fronts. And SC 2 is free with its best (WoL) campaign free right alongside it. Amazing story, stunning visuals. Fleshed out factions.

  11. I surprises my friend with a topsy tupy otk. He never saw that coming.

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